An exclusive residential in a unique enclave.  Residencial Almadraba is made up of 16 exclusive single-family homes that have been designed and thought to be lived in all year round.

Studio Name: CEL-RAS Arquitectura S.L.P
Design Team: José Luís Doménech, Víctor Masip y María José Melguizo.
Area: Plot: 3.618,45 m2 BUILT S. PB: 1085 m2 BUILT S. P1: 1085 m2
BASEMENT FLOOR S.: 2456.16 m2
Free common area (outside common areas): 1091.76 m2
Year: 2021
Location: Benicasim (Castellón de La Plana – Spain)
Construction: OCN Promociones
Photography Credits: ©Paula Martínez Borredá

Residencial Almadraba by CEL-RAS Arquitectura - Sheet5
©Paula Martínez Borredá

Almadraba is a new Residential concept that combines the best of single-family homes with their greater breadth of spaces, their privacy and the relief that their terraces and gardens give you, along with the best of buildings with common  areas.  The  sum  of  these  two  characteristics,  in  addition  to  its  excellent location,  is  what  gives  the  residential  its  exclusivity.

Residencial Almadraba by CEL-RAS Arquitectura - Sheet6
©Paula Martínez Borredá

With  this  project,  we  have avoided  falling  into  the  traditional  concept  of  repetition  of  a  housing  model, characteristic  of  semi-detached  houses,  by  means  of  an  enveloping  design  that integrates a latticework as an outer skin that gives integrity to the whole.

With an area of approximately 280 m2 per home, the maximum buildable area has been used, since its privileged location deserved it. Located on Calle La Corte in Benicasim, a 2-minute walk from Almadraba beach, each of the 16 homes has been made  different  from  one  another  thanks  to  the  multiple  custom  design  options.

©Paula Martínez Borredá

Access by vehicle to these exclusive homes is through a route that reaches a private space  inside  each  home  consisting  of  a  large  garage, with  studied  lighting  that gives it distinction, and that makes it an extension of the home. for its design and accessibility. Outside, it also has two landscaped spaces, a private terrace, a large communal  area  and  an  easily  accessible  pool.   1,110  m2  of  common  spaces  to enjoy and 4,360 m2 built to live together and enjoy, from now on, the Mediterranean Sea.


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