House in Hoshioka is my house. I tried to create a natural and small appearance that blends in with the background of the Ono River and Hoshioka mountain. Ideally, the architecture itself should not be the main focus, but should create beauty as a landscape.

Project Name: House in Hoshioka
Studio Name: Taichi Nishishita architect & associate

House in Hoshioka by Taichi Nishishita architect & associate - Sheet55
©Taichi Nishishita architect & associate

I hope that the seasonal changes and the beautiful changes over the years that will be brought about by the plantings will provide a sense of peace and tranquility to the people passing through the area.

House in Hoshioka by Taichi Nishishita architect & associate - Sheet7
©Taichi Nishishita architect & associate

My family does not need a very large house. Since the house is both an atelier and a residence, I wanted to find a good distance between the living space and the work space.

Through the space under the eaves, which has a generous yet intimate scale, one first feels a sense of relief. Shoe boxes and bookcases create a gentle distance between the work space and the family flow line. The moment you enter the foyer, the high sidelight leads your gaze to the sky. I hoped that sitting in the chair would give you a fit feeling as if you were sitting in a cockpit.

©Taichi Nishishita architect & associate

Narrow places, open places, bright places, dark places. Not everything is revealed at once, but a series of scenes unfold one after another with a sense of foreboding. From morning to night, spring, summer, fall, and winter, five to ten years later…architecture is richly transformed over a diverse time axis.


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