This house is located in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture. The site is located on the Asaka Plain, in a new residential area, with a park across the street. The site was damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.However, the client wanted to continue to live here.

The theme was how to connect positively with the surroundings, despite concerns about the environment, such as the air and soil.

Design Team : Shinya Furukawa + Kanako Momma
Year: 2018 Location : Fukushima
Photography Credits : KAI NAKAMURA
Principal use : Private residence Structure: Wooden Maximum height : 6.63m
Site area : 200.26 m2 Building area : 80.84 m2 Total floor area : 122.02m2

HouseMM by Mocha architects - Sheet3

The layers were created by reading the surrounding environment, sunlight, and other factors to create a ” MA(space between)” that controls the distance.

The layers are made of perforated walls with orthogonal and intersecting stripes at different levels. Both the first and second floors are divided into three sections.

HouseMM by Mocha architects - Sheet5

The “Uchidoma” is a space between the outside and the inside, the “hall” on the second floor is a space between the family’s common space and private space, and the “eaves” and “front yard” are spaces between the family and the community, and between the house and society.

The warm Uchidoma on the south side of the house is used for drying clothes and as a playground for the children, and serves as a generous buffer zone between the house and the outside.

HouseMM by Mocha architects - Sheet7

On the second floor, the number of private rooms is kept to a minimum, and the hall is wide enough to allow the private rooms to overflow with their functions, and there is also a common desk.

The washroom and dressing room can be passed through to simplify the flow of housework. The three atrium openings provide a three-dimensional continuity between the uchidoma, the second-floor hall, and the first-floor LDK, effectively ensuring daylight and ventilation.


The three-dimensional passage through the well-shaped configuration creates rich connections and makes the diverse places even more lively.We hope it will be a catalyst for a bright future residence that will be a source of hope not only for the client’s family, but also for the people living in the city.


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