To the east of Gimcheon, in the middle of Unnnam-san and Goseong-san, a village called Dogong-chon lies. Lo cated deep inside the mountains, Dogong-chon is a peaceful and quiet neighborhood. Mountains fold up in fro nt of the site, creating beautiful scenery from afar, while the park right next to it also takes a part of the gree n.

Studio Name : UTAA COMPANY
Design Team : Changkyun Kim, Youngsik Bae, Jo Eun Lee, Minhee Choi
Area : 148.64m2(building area)
Year : 2021
Location : Gimcheon (North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea)
Photography Credits : Yoon Joonhwan

Gimcheon Round House by UTAA COMPANY - Sheet3
©Yoon Joonhwan

However, due to recent constructions, the busy atmosphere of the town tends to seduce more attention than it s original scenery. We hoped the project would build a relationship with the surrounding nature, just like a bou lder in the bottom of a mountain.

The clients wanted a house like a shelter to relax freely among nature. Their exact demands were: A yard for children playground, campsite, kitchen garden.

Gimcheon Round House by UTAA COMPANY - Sheet5
©Yoon Joonhwan

A house for frequent guests to stay relaxed

A house with eaves and toenmaru (a narrow wooden porch running along the outside of a room)

A sturdy looking appearance

The natural scenery was an important factor when designing a shelter-like house, so we aimed to take the con cept into the very center of the site. However, to allocate all of the required rooms, either the given site was t oo short or the hallway got too long.

To embrace nature in the center of the house, the courtyard was designed the very first and rooms were rotat ed and placed along with it. As we flexibly modified spaces arranged along the center of the courtyard, the en tire house became the shape of a circle.

Gimcheon Round House by UTAA COMPANY - Sheet7
©Yoon Joonhwan

Courtyard as the Center

While being in the kitchen, or when walking down the hallway, or when children play in front of their rooms, t he focus is always pointed at the courtyard. Even when family members are not together in the same room, th eir eyes always meet one another, and thus communication becomes easier.

Expansion of the Kitchen

The eaves and toenmaru make both the view and space are expanded, and openness is created. This induces t he main flow to move outside ways, and as a result, the kitchen naturally gets to reach out to the courtyard.

Double-Skin Facade

In front of a window where a wide road passes by, we have built a second skin to block any unnecessary view from the outside. Also, as bricks were stacked with a half-open hole, light and air can pass through the wall.

Gimcheon Round House by UTAA COMPANY - Sheet9
©Yoon Joonhwan

The curves of the eaves made with wood structure form an unusual frame around the surrounding nature. The circle courtyard made by the circle-shaped house capture the scenery of the mountains, or that of the family m embers.


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