The  project brief was to build a new Villa on the site of an old Farmhouse.   Next to this farmhouse there was an old romantic orchard which was  integrated with respect into the new design.

Studio Name: [AIR] Architectuur en Research B.V.
Design Team: Kurt Gouwy, Frank Kalmijn, Niels Leijte
Area: Netherlands
Year: 2016
Location: Vorden
Photography Credits: Thea van den  Heuvel, Kurt Gouwy

Villa G by [AIR] Architectuur en Research B.V - Sheet5
©Thea van den  Heuvel, Kurt Gouwy
The floorplan embraces this orchard, but also the course of the sun.  The pitched roof which starts low above the ground is a theme which is found in the typology of the existing farmhouses in the neighborhood  to deal with the prevailing strong winds.  In the resulting large roof surface almost invisibly solar panels are integrated.

Villa G by [AIR] Architectuur en Research B.V - Sheet8
©Thea van den  Heuvel, Kurt Gouwy
In the façade design is very open towards on the sunny side and closed to the colder North side where only a strip window frames  the horizon.   In balancing  these low-tech measures make this villa is in almost passive way autonomous without loosing the quality of living in an orchard.

Villa G by [AIR] Architectuur en Research B.V - Sheet6
©Thea van den  Heuvel, Kurt Gouwy

Studio Profile / abstract

AIR architectuur and research is team of architects  designing both  residential and non-residential projects, often situated at historical or inner-city locations or heritage complexes.

Convinced of the importance and power of the ‘culture of making’ in a digital society alle projects are taken care of into the execution phases.  The office is specialized in transformations of heritage complexes and listed building, where often the existing buildings are maintained along with  careful and balanced  integration of new-build additions and buildings.


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