The Hyatt Regency in Dehradun was designed to cater to the demands of the modern luxury traveler, who is always seeking innovation and individuality. The hotel’s architecture and design reflect this, offering a unique and inviting experience that combines the sophisticated modern aesthetics of the Hyatt brand with the rich cultural context of the local area.

Project Name: Hyatt Regency, Dehradun
Studio Name: AND Studio

Hyatt Regency, Dehradun by AND Studio - Sheet3
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With 268 rooms, a presidential suite, conference room and broadcast lounge, banquet, spa, salon, gym, bar, pub, specialty restaurant, and kids’ area, this destination hotel has something for everyone. The design of the hotel is intended to harmonize with the natural environment and luxurious locale, immersing guests in the local culture while providing unobstructed views of the magnificent city. Indigenous artwork is integrated with luxurious amenities to create a sense of barefoot elegance, with each motif telling a story and reflecting a valued part of the local identity.

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The spatial layout captures the open and vast sense of space while also providing personal and intimate spaces for guests to relax in. AND Studio’s design focused on creating a connected experience for guests, with social programs interconnected to allow ease of movement and design elements that assist pathfinding. The public areas were designed with visual permeability in mind, creating a lively atmosphere without compromising access control. The balance of open and closed spaces fosters conversation, connection, and celebration. Throughout the hotel, references to the local culture and Hyatt’s brand identity are fully coherent with the hotel’s narrative. The aesthetic is built on the timeless and energizing language of modernism, with clean lines, transparency, balance, and open space. The extensive use of woodwork brings a sense of warmth and homeliness to the hotel, incorporating key aspects of Uttarakhand’s culture. The design narrative laid out by AND Studio is an abstract representation of the city’s lifestyle, making the Hyatt Regency Dehradun a truly unique and memorable experience for all who visit.

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Lobby The lobby is the focal point of the design concept, where each element is intricately connected to create a cohesive and distinct whole. The aim is to provide guests with a clear and unobstructed view of the various experiences we offer, such as the Front Desk, Bar, Marketplace, and Event space, encouraging them to use and enjoy these areas as an extension of their personal guestroom. To achieve this, the lobby features ergonomic furniture, seamless connectivity, and intimate spaces. The interior design of the lobby is focused on creating a welcoming and inviting arrival experience for guests. By striking a balance between boldness and sophistication, the space is comprised of rich textures, such as stone that wraps around the floor and wooden cladding, which balance out the warmth of the lobby. The color palette is contextual, natural, and understated, with regionally inspired accents that add interest and bring a sense of warmth to the space. All Day Dining & Bar The ADD area includes both single and double height spaces that are designed to create a sense of drama. The restaurant is designed to feel like a separate destination, with partitions made from local fabrics sandwiched between glass panels, creating a physical separation from the social space. The Bar is the central feature of the social space, with a surrounding lounge area that offers various seating options and pause pods, all conveniently located near the Bar.

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Pub & Bar Taking inspiration from popular tourist destinations in Uttarakhand, the design of the pub draws upon the imagery and experience of caves. The space is brought to life with a shimmering golden glow, intricate textures, vibrant colors, and dynamic activity, creating an atmosphere that is reminiscent of these awe-inspiring natural wonders. Banquet The banquet hall is intentionally designed in neutral tones to provide a versatile setting suitable for any occasion. It is directly connected to a spacious open lawn that offers breath[1]taking natural views of Dehradun. To allow for private conversations, semi-enclosed pause booths are available nearby. The grand Main Event Space features high ceilings and a variety of seating options to encourage guests to engage with one another and the event. Other adjoining areas are thoughtfully positioned to facilitate breakout sessions or more intimate discussions that seamlessly integrate with the main space. Guest Rooms The design of the guest rooms aims to create a fresh and inviting atmosphere that seamlessly accommodates work, play, and relaxation. With smart furnishings, guests can easily switch between activities.

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While the design ensures consistency in quality and comfort, the use of varied material palettes and digital artwork options allows for customization to give each room a unique and locally inspired character. To provide a warm and cozy feel and help with sound control, large area rugs are used. Additionally, the Work & Play Lounge zone enables guests to move smoothly from work to dining to relaxation. Spa The Spa features both single and double treatment areas, as well as a community jacuzzi, all designed to provide a stress-relieving experience for the user. The ambiance is intentionally Zen-like, with warm lighting and a neutral color scheme accented with modern touches that create a luxurious and contemporary atmosphere. Fitness Area The StayFit Studio is strategically located to provide private access for guests without having to pass through public areas. The design of the studio considers the specific requirements of each space and user, ensuring functionality, safety, and comfort. The use of wooden flooring creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while the racing ceiling lights complement the various activities performed in the space. Kids Area The design of the Kid’s play area takes a playful approach, incorporating vibrant colors, patterns, and textures to bring the space to life. An illuminated ceiling pattern adds a sense of delight and complements the detailed wall textures. The space is adaptable and has the potential to evolve with the changing needs of young travelers, providing a venue for a variety of playful activities.


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