Cheatham Street Flats is one of the most advanced modular buildings ever conceived. This 143-unit mixed-use multifamily concept heralds the next major phase in construction delivery.

Project Name- Cheatham Street Flats
Studio Name- Forge Craft Architecture + Design
Project size-  198950 ft2
Site size – 43560 ft2
Project Budget – USD 30,000,000.00
Completion date- 2020
Building levels – 8
Location- San Marcos, Texas, United States
Photographer-  Patrick Wong

Cheatham Street Flats by Forge Craft Architecture + Design - Sheet4
©Patrick Wong

Over an 8-month period, over 360 modules were fabricated off-site with steel-tube-and-metal stud frames, fully finished from interior to exterior sheathing, with all fixtures and appliances wired and plumbed ex situ, and shipped (with furniture inside) to our site. In a mere 4-months, modules were stacked and stitched together on a multi-level garage podium, itself comprised of a prefabricated steel-and-concrete beam and column system.

Cheatham Street Flats by Forge Craft Architecture + Design - Sheet4
©Patrick Wong

Public and private realms are gathered from the street up a monumental stair and converge into a beautiful interior courtyard amenity space which features natural vegetation and a dynamic feature stair and tiered platform seating which promises to be the focal point of social activity, a blend of both interior and exterior living space. Each dwelling unit features double-walled en suite sleeping areas (each a module themselves) which share a kitchen-living room suite, all of which feature juliette balconies.

Cheatham Street Flats by Forge Craft Architecture + Design - Sheet6
©Patrick Wong

Intensive research into modular design, fabrication and delivery manifested far-reaching innovations in conceptualization, practicum and logistics. Consequently, Cheatham Street Flats is revolutionary and may prove to be a watershed moment for both architecture and construction – and not just in the State of Texas.


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