The 1800m² country house is located at Fazenda Boa Vista, in the municipality of Porto Feliz, São Paulo, and was built from scratch by the architect Felipe Caboclo. The Georgia Albuquerque Arquitetura office was contacted at the time when the client had the entire structure of the house built, the roof still needed to be finished and all the interior architecture and decoration of the house needed to be completed.

Project Name: Country House at Fazenda Boa Vista
Studio Name: Georgia Albuquerque

Country House at Fazenda Boa Vista by Georgia Albuquerque - SHeet4
©Marco Antonio

The project was developed to be used on weekends, as the client is a 55-year-old businessman who loves to travel, entertain and relax. His expectation was for a house with light tones, cozy and at the same time sophisticated, as he likes Italian design in his furniture.

As it was a large work, the follow-up was carried out closely, completely personalized, according to the needs of the client. And always respecting the architecture of the house and the materials chosen, so that there would be a final result in which everything talks.

Country House at Fazenda Boa Vista by Georgia Albuquerque - SHeet7
©Marco Antonio

With the structure of the house already ready, the entire definition of the layout (furniture arrangement) was developed, the choice of coatings for the various environments, chinaware and metals, detailing of bathrooms, kitchens, joinery and the curved staircase. Georgia Albuquerque sought elements present in architecture, such as the ceiling and slatted walls in wood and concrete, so that the interiors were part of a whole.

The office focused on natural materials to bring well-being, comfort and welcome.

The suites have European Oak floors, walls with natural straw wallpaper, slatted wood ceilings and Tauari leaf joinery, with the exception of the Master Suite, which has shiny lacquer joinery. Bathrooms are clad in Ariostea, in large-format pieces to avoid seams and have skylights to let in natural light.

Country House at Fazenda Boa Vista by Georgia Albuquerque - SHeet9
©Marco Antonio

The kitchen received a white floor and countertop and Ornare joinery in light wood tones mixed with glass. The social area has a floor in Travertino Navonna, joinery in Tauri and a wooden ceiling. The Spa is entirely coated in Travertine, both on the floor and on the ceiling, and the walls in Travertine slats, which bring an extra texture to the environment. On the other hand, the balcony received some Terracotta color details on the sofas and ottomans and blue color on the pool deck furniture.

In the dining room, the highlight is the Henge dining table, an Italian brand that is a work of art in itself with its wooden top covered in marquetry, forming a kind of puzzle. The table on the deck, by Paola Lenti, is also another work of art made up of mosaics in shades of blue, green and turquoise.

The social access to the residence was on the upper floor, due to the unevenness of the land. Therefore, upon entering the space, the reception is made by the beautiful framed landscape of Fazenda Boa Vista. Soon after, the surprise is the sumptuous curved staircase, which invites you to go down to the ground floor. Also in the upper part are three suites, plus the master suite, all facing the magnificent view of the farm and connected by a large terrace.

©Marco Antonio

On the ground floor is the living room and dining room, which have double height. The extension of the environments integrates the balcony and the beautiful view of the infinity pool. The veranda contains a living layout, which meets the Gourmet area and extends to the gym, spa and changing rooms. Still on the ground floor we have a suite, the home theater that can be accessed through the reflecting pool of the curved staircase, the kitchen, technical area, driver’s room and semi-covered garage.

And on the lower floor we have four staff suites, staff pantry, laundry room and engine room. All these environments face a beautiful garden and the Beach Tennis court.


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