Located in Lagunillas in the state of Michoacán, Vivienda La Caja corresponds to a volume devoid of ornaments, with a sobriety highlighted by refined lines. Its design is distinguished by the quality of simplicity in its daily use.

Project Name: Vivienda La Caja
Office: Sin Título Arquitectura
Architects in charge: Celia Granados Campos, Luis Jacobo Villafuerte
Photographs: Edson Contreras Ornelas
Built Area: 97 m2
Location: Lagunillas, Michoacan
Completion date: 2017
Suppliers: Lighting Construlita, Valladolid Aluminum and Glasss

Vivienda La Caja by Sin Título Arquitectura - Sheet3
©Edson Contreras Ornelas

La Caja explores the relationships of immediacy between the exterior and the interior, the confidence that the interior offers and the instability of the exterior. Observing, but also being observed, is a provocative place full of prying openings, which is why all the spaces in the house extend to the outside and its landscape.

In 97m2 of construction, it was sought to generate the feeling of spaciousness; quality that is achieved through the terrace, allowing a dynamic and constant circulation of users. There is no hierarchy in accessibility to housing, which reveals the significance of each of the spaces and their use.

Vivienda La Caja by Sin Título Arquitectura - Sheet6
©Edson Contreras Ornelas

On the outside, its volumetry refers to the first ideologies of a home in childhood; and in its plan it is interpreted as an “L” shaped pavilion that contains the living spaces, which co-exists in harmony with the integration of the landscape design and its natural context. Inside, the large cavities allow, on the one hand, the entry of the sun’s rays during most of the day, generating a comfortable temperature inside the house; and on the other hand, these large openings allow views towards the immediate landscape.

Vivienda La Caja by Sin Título Arquitectura - Sheet8
©Edson Contreras Ornelas

In this house, the intention of its materiality is to highlight the purity of its white geometry, in contrast with the gray surfaces and tones of the landscape.


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