Apartment No. 04 is a family residential project based on standardization, simplicity and readability of living space to increase level of comfort. Although there were the possibility of designing two units in each floor, it was preferred to design only three units (each floor one unit) to make spatial relationships more fluid and also create better usability resulting improve the quality of living spaces.

Project name: Apartment no.04
Studio name: ShaarOffice (Ahmad Ghodsimanesh and Partners)
Website: www.shaaroffice.com
Project location: Shiraz – Iran
Completion Year: 2018

Design Team:
Maryam Nazemollboka – Samane Zare – Parisa Panahi
Construction Associate:
Reza Fathi – Mohamadreza Ahmadi – Reza Ghodsimanesh
Photo credits: Amirali Ghaffari

Apartment no.04 by ShaarOffice - Sheet5
©Amirali Ghaffari

Regarding the criteria and mass located in site, public spaces such as living room and kitchen has been designed in front, facing to the yard and private zone including bedrooms designed in the back part of building in a quiet space without disturbing noises.


Apartment no.04 by ShaarOffice - Sheet6
©Amirali Ghaffari

A large skylight was considered in the end of the building to supply suitable daylight and ventilation for private spaces and also provide allocating terrace and flower boxes for each bedroom.

Apartment no.04 by ShaarOffice - Sheet8
©Amirali Ghaffari

The façade is composed of large terraces which allow regulating the gradients of luminosity and opacity in relation to the exterior and movable wooden shades have the purpose of controlling privacy.

©Amirali Ghaffari

Sliding panels made of wooden slats, not only provide an ever-changing image of the building on the outside, they also act as a solar filter to create stunning effects of changing light and shade and enable the user to control the amount of sunlight that flows into the interior spaces.


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