Savasa Panahome is part of a 37 Hectares housing development designed to fit within the precast construction methodology constraints while still prioritizing proper interior spaces and passive cooling strategies in limited living spaces.

Project Name-Panahome
Studio Name-INSADA Integrated Design
Project size-  59m2
Site size – 66m2
Building levels – 2
Location-Kecamatan Cikarang Pusat, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Photographer- INSADA Integrated Design Team

Panahome by INSADA Integrated Design - Sheet3
©INSADA Integrated Design Team

A feature in this project is a pour on-site precast construction system. This precast system is a construction methodology the clients have invested in, developed to help hasten the construction process, increase construction accuracy, as well as prevent any water leakage from the outside. In this process, Insada helped with the rationalization of the precast panels to produce the minimum amount of precast panel variations. Additionally, the precast kit of parts needed to be flexible enough to produce a variation in the facade for future phases of the development.

Panahome by INSADA Integrated Design - Sheet5
©INSADA Integrated Design Team

The Architectural expression aims to be modern and Japanese inspired; featuring a key single-directional sloped roof to the back of the house to maintain the modern front facade. Another passive cooling strategy that we implemented in this house is the integration of roof vents through a concealed articulated brick, which helps minimize solar gain by carrying out hot air build up underneath the roof-ceiling cavity.

Panahome by INSADA Integrated Design - Sheet8
©INSADA Integrated Design Team

Given the modern minimalist exterior architecture expression, we crafted an interior design that compliments it. Calm base color of beige and light grey dominates the space and also acts as differentiation between the two units. Furniture is selected to be light and see through to help express a sense of spaciousness. In addition, thoughtful integration of mirror surfaces also pushes that idea.


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