A house, if well designed, must be able to evolve and renew itself following the changes and evolutions of the people who live there.

In this project, the clients no longer recognized themselves in the style of their home and wanted to renovate the living area by changing the layout of the living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Studio Name: Negriniinteriors
Design Team: Arch. Stefania Negrini, Arch. Alberto Onnis Area: Cagliari, Sardinia
Year: 2022
Location: Sardinia – Italy
Photography Credits: Davide Cassanello

T&G House by Negriniinteriors - Sheet4
©Davide Cassanello

A unique space has been created with the open kitchen with island and large sofa in front of the fireplace.

The choice of materials and color combinations has created a warm and enveloping environment in harmony with the wishes of the clients.

The Beauty and Harmony of a home are intended to act on the person like background music, creating an unconscious harmony that allows them to listen to themselves.

T&G House by Negriniinteriors - Sheet6
©Davide Cassanello

The house is our external body.

Taking care of the space in which we live or work is equivalent to helping people to live better.

Stefania’s mission:

I like to define my job as customized tailoring. I tailor each interior design to custom fit the personality and the needs of the people who live in there, not the ones of the designer. I help my customers find their own style, standing next to them along a joint path.

When they walk into an architectural space, people should feel a sense of harmony, such as if they were wandering through a natural landscape. This is my personal definition of “luxury”: emotions and experiences that architecture and design are able to convey, and not just purely economic value.

My commitment covers every aspect of the interior set-up process, starting from the design of the spaces down to materials choice, furniture, lighting, fabrics and final fitting. A comprehensive design that follows the work from the right beginning to the end.

Stefania Negrini, architect | interior designer

About Arch. Stefania Negrini:

Born in Bologna (Italy), in 2000 Stefania graduats in architecture from the University of Ferrara- rated by Censis/ La Repubblica as the best Italian Architecture Faculty.

In 2001 she starts working as an independent professional in collaboration with Arkit & Partners Studio; her main tasks here were preliminary and executive design of buildings, housings, hotels and exhibition stalls in accordance with bioclimatic principles.

In 2003 she works together with Ing. Pascale Guidotti Magnani on the restoration of famous historical buildings in Bologna. She then moves to Sardinia and works from 2005 to 2009 as an Interior Designer for Cannavera, an established Design Showroom in Cagliari, awarded in 2003 a prize for “ideal shop” in a national contest.

In 2011, she opens her own interior design and architecture studio in Cagliari, just in the heart of the historical Castello district.

Since 2016 she is B.R.A. Consultant. B.R.A. means Biocompatibility and Environmental Re-harmonization, a discipline that deals with identifying the presence of all environmental energy conditions not compatible with human bioenergy, and relative reclamation where possible.

Her deep curiosity and eager will to renovate herself drive Stefania to constantly widen her knowledge. She has followed courses in Biocompatibility and Environmental Re-harmonization, Etheric Art, Applied Sacred Geometry and Feng Shui, which lead her to an integrated, innovative and cutting-edge design approach. She regularly participates in international fairs and travels often, also drawing inspiration from cultures other than ours.


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