Our studio was tasked with preserving the existing terrain as much as possible without excessive terracing, creating a space for recreation for two families living in neighboring houses, and making landscape design functional, comfortable, minimalistic and close to nature.

Studio Name: Andrey Karalev architecture studio
Design Team: Andrey Karalev, Gladkova Elizaveta
Area: 4000 m2
Year: December, 2022
Location: Volgograd, Russian Federation

Tsaritsyn by Andrey Karalev architecture studio - Sheet3
©Andrey Karalev architecture studio

It was decided to unite the houses with a common functional area, to make it a center of attraction, a place of joint leisure and a symbol of the unity of the two families. Therefore, we organized comfortable places for each family member around the fire in the garden.

The log steam bath had already been partially built, so our task was to reconstruct its facades, determine a location for the swimming pool and landscape the area around in the style of a Japanese garden. The terraces of the swimming pool and steam bath offer a beautiful view of the pine grove.

Tsaritsyn by Andrey Karalev architecture studio - Sheet4
©Andrey Karalev architecture studio

In the landscape design, we used minimalist sculptures of wild animals made of stone, which complement the overall artistic solution. Together with the use of night illumination, this creates an evening atmosphere of a mysterious and cozy forest.

The project provides for many other functional areas, such as a barbecue area, where the client can cook his favorite dishes on the fire near the house, a recreation area, ideal for reading a book in silence surrounded by beautiful plants, a walking area, a front area and others.

Tsaritsyn by Andrey Karalev architecture studio - Sheet8
©Andrey Karalev architecture studio

When developing the project, it was important for us to find a balance between functionality, natural aesthetics and personal wishes of the client.


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