Beginning with a volumetric constraint with extremely little usable floor space (1.5 m wide), a straightforward program, and open-minded clients eager for a special project tailored to their needs, the goal is to operate transparently in order to maximize the spatial continuity.

Project Name: Bridal Suite
Studio Name: Monsieur Pascal Architectes

Bridal Suite by Monsieur Pascal Architectes - Sheet3
©Monsieur Pascal Architectes

This first results in a sequential organization of the various functions / sequences that is logical: 1. the “coiffeuse” (dressing table) and reading nook, 2. the bathroom, and 3. the bedroom. The restroom is located in the area’s middle and is made of a curved glass box that provides transparency between the different volumes while articulating them. The area is illuminated by a lengthwise cut skylight in the roof.

Bridal Suite by Monsieur Pascal Architectes - Sheet5
©Monsieur Pascal Architectes

The sanitary accessories are hanging or attached in the glazings to give the objects an aerial aspect, and the furniture is flawlessly incorporated into the walls. The entire thing is covered in white and reflective surfaces, which enlarge spaces, widen perspectives, provide surprise effects, and jar the senses.

Bridal Suite by Monsieur Pascal Architectes - Sheet7
©Monsieur Pascal Architectes

In order to achieve the desired level of diaphaneity, this seemingly straightforward project required advanced technical research in even the smallest of details (such as the water supply to the shower, the evacuation of washbasins’ contents, the suspension of furniture and mirrors, the integration of mirrors into the walls, the integration of furniture into the gable, the glazed walls, etc.).


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