This is a beachfront residence for a family of five. The site is small, tucked behind other houses, and had many code-regulated square-footage, height, and flood-elevation restrictions.

Studio Name: Specht Architects
Structural Engineer: Dominick R. Pilla Assoc.
General Contractor: Rolf Demmerle, Demmerle Builders, Inc.
Area: 2500 SF home
Year: 2016 completed
Location: Beach Haven,  New Jersey
Photography Credits: Taggart Sorensen

Beach Haven Residence by Specht Architects - Sheet3
©Taggart Sorensen

The form of the house was developed by extruding the entire buildable footprint to the maximum height allowable, and sculpturally carving the resultant mass. Pilings, required to elevate the first floor above flood level, were treated as integral elements of the design.

Beach Haven Residence by Specht Architects - Sheet5
©Taggart Sorensen

The house uses durable marine construction, with fiberglass flashing and roofing, and stainless steel components. Cedar cladding of different species and with varying surface treatment was used to emphasize the exterior articulation.

Beach Haven Residence by Specht Architects - Sheet6
©Taggart Sorensen

The interior is bright and open, with clerestory windows or narrow slot windows used on the sides facing adjacent houses, and full-height glass looking to the sea. Private rooms are small and functional, with a “cabin” for each kid, and a master bedroom with an oceanfront deck.


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