According to the demands the ambient of the Balaton coastline presents, we designed 50-75 m2 vacation houses that can be used as permanent living quarters on the valuable lot. Keeping in mind the view, the closeness of the lake, and the specific characteristics of the land, our aim was to achieve a loose positioning and forms created with ease.

Project Name: Csopak apartment complex
Studio Name: METOPE 2000

Csopak apartment complex by METOPE 2000 - Sheet2
©METOPE 2000

We did not want to oversaturate the lot, so we managed to position the units in 6 buildings in a way that each one of the apartments offers a breathtaking view.

The main first and second floors were created in a Z-shape on an axis perpendicular to the lake; this way the neighbouring buildings block each other less, and the visibility from one unit to the other is also reduced.

Csopak apartment complex by METOPE 2000 - Sheet3
©METOPE 2000

The majority of the apartments has two facades and they have covered balconies in both directions. On the top of the building complex there is a penthouse level for two vacation suites with a deck going all around the units.

State-of-the-art inverter heating and cooling system and, as a later addition, solar panels can be found on the flat roof above the penthouse level.

©METOPE 2000

Vehicles can be parked in a hall garage in one half of the ashlar covered ground floor, and the other half approachable from Ifjúság walkway gives place to commercial units and services as well as to ample common spaces used by the tenants. The entirety of the building complex is designed in an accessible manner, keeping in mind tenants with reduced mobility.

About METOPE 2000 Designer Company:

We have been on the market for more than 3 decades. Our firm works in the eastern part of Hungary, the second biggest city of the country: in Debrecen. Five architects and many specialists, who work with other firms as well. We design a broad variety of buildings; apartments, common and industrial projects, educational and religious buildings. We are also involved in interior design. My name is János Kasuba. Photos made by Attila Varga. Investor was: Premium Holiday Ltd.


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