The new Macello is a small ideal city that “holds heterogeneous elements together without ceasing to be heterogeneous” 1.

Project Name: Macello Lugano
Studio Name: OASI architects

Macello Lugano by OASI architects - Sheet5
©OASI architects

At the center is its cultural cathedral (event space), surrounding the public functions for the community. The ambition is to give value to the centrality of the system by ensuring urban porosity on all fronts.

The ground on which the objects are placed will be the glue but also the extra program space with greater intensity, open, in connection with the city.

Macello Lugano by OASI architects - Sheet6
©OASI architects

“This form has always indicated the idea of a fence, a house, a village and accompanies man in everyday life, from the church to the square, from street signs to advertising posters, from Chinese ideograms to Pythagorean tables. Enigmatic of its simplicity, in the monotonous repetition of four equal sides, of four equal angles, it generates a series of interesting figures. The square is the extreme concentration of a spatial idea completed in itself.”2

Most of the design effort was focused on finding the right location for the student residence. Light, shadow, distance, closeness. Weight, balance, composition.

Macello Lugano by OASI architects - Sheet8
©OASI architects

It moves away but is close. It differs but it is the background. It imposes itself, high up. He looks discreetly. It moves by generating urban open spaces. It makes itself available through four-sided device. He moves back south to give light to the slaughterhouse. It becomes heavy to balance the long and low bodies of the north and west fronts.

A simple architecture, capable of generating multiple relationships.

A sensitive architecture, capable of interpreting the collective habitat by integrating the scale and quality of individual living into an existing organism.

1 Deleuze and Guattari, A thousand floors, 1980 2 Bruno Munari, The square, 1960


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