Husinec Villas is a residential complex of thirteen family homes situated on unique plots overlooking the meander of the river Vltava. The architectural and urban design responds to the existing structure of the village and complements it.

Landscape architecture: Šmídová Landspace Architects, s.r.o.
Landscape architecture team: Štěpánka Šmídová, Lukáš Pinkava, Aneta Vaňková
rea: 18.000 m2
Year: 2022
Location: Husinec u Řeže, East Prague
Visualisation:  ADR s.r.o

Meander Villas by Šmídová Landspace Architects - Sheet2
©ADR s.r.o

The houses are built on terrain sloping from the north-east towards a terrain edge to the south-west. The design consists in creating compact-mass buildings whose pent roofs are planted with extensive vegetation to blend in with the greenery along the southern boundaries of the plots. Natural swimming ponds have been designed for the largest villas, the smaller ones having outdoor pools.

Meander Villas by Šmídová Landspace Architects - Sheet3
©ADR s.r.o

The design respects the terrain, with the low-pitched shed roofs oriented down the slope. Most houses are accessed from the street on the first-floor level, while their ground floors are on the same level as the lower ends of the gardens. This means that, seen from the street, the buildings do not stick out and their mass is perceived as smaller.

©ADR s.r.o

The way the villas are partly embedded in the terrain adds intimacy and privacy. Given the different plot sizes and the different ways they connect to the street, six types of buildings have been designed. The ground floor design aims, above all, to connect the residential complex with the surrounding local vegetation, using indigenous plant species.


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