The residential quarter Q2 is the second of five quarters of the new residential area “Alte Ziegelei” in Speyer. The “Alte Ziegelei” emerged from an urban planning competition won by Kränzle+Fischer-Wasels Architekten BDA in 2010.

Project Name: Speyer Residential Quarter Q2 PARK_SIDE
Location: Alte Ziegelei 7 – 14, 67346 Speyer, Germany
Completion date: 2019
Client: Rhein-Neckar Wohnwerte GmbH, Heidelberg
Architect (LPH 1-4, lead details (as part of LPH 5), artistic overhead): KFWM Architekten BDA, Karlsruhe
Architect (LPH 5 without leading details): Fischer Architekten GmbH, Mannheim
General planning: Stockwerk GmbH, Mannheim
Structural engineering: AWD Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
Specialist planning HLS/Electrical: kbp Köhler Beraten + Planen, Wiesbaden
Planning of outdoor facilities: Topotek 1, Berlin
Photos: Claus Graubner, Frankfurt a.M.

Old brickworks Speyer Wohnquartier Q2 PARK by KFWM Architekten - Sheet4
©Claus Graubner, Frankfurt a.M.

The new development of the five quarters is clearly set back from the banks of the Rhine and concentrates on the western part of the elongated site. This creates an extremely attractive citizens’ park directly on the waterfront. Viewed from the river, the park laid out along the banks of the Rhine preserves the significant visual relationship to the cathedral.

The overall urban figure of the five quarters forms a rather closed edge towards Franz-Kirrmeier-Strasse and thus protects against the corresponding street noise.

The residential quarter Q2 consists of an angular building and a free-standing timber-framed building. The two buildings form a quiet inner courtyard that opens up generously to the park and Rhine side. Thus, the majority of the apartments have a direct visual reference to the river.

Old brickworks Speyer Wohnquartier Q2 PARK by KFWM Architekten - Sheet7
©Claus Graubner, Frankfurt a.M.

The inner courtyard and the ground-level apartments are raised by approx. 1.00 m above the park. The resulting circumferential plinth connects the two buildings to form an independent ensemble.

The two buildings of the residential quarter Q2 react in a differentiated way to the various conditions of the direct surroundings:

Towards Franz-Kirrmeier-Strasse, the theme of crenellated attics dominates. The dominant design element along the residential streets, on the other hand, is the staggering of the cubature towards the park and the Rhine.

Towards the public street spaces, the facades of the building, which is designed as an angle, are flat and have a discreet relief. Towards the inner courtyard, on the other hand, the facades are sculptural with widely projecting balconies.

©Claus Graubner, Frankfurt a.M.

The free-standing building is slightly set back from the alignment of the street. In accordance with the southward orientation of the building towards the residential path, the open spaces allocated to the apartments are designed as loggias. The loggias here form an open “set box” in front of the apartments.

For reasons of longevity, the desired handcrafted appearance and dignified aging (and also in reference to the history of the Erlus brickworks formerly located on the site), the facades for the two buildings of the Q2 residential quarter are made of exposed brickwork from a handcrafted beige-white brick.

Window sills, parapet and parapet copings are made of light-colored exposed precast concrete.

The windows are covered on the outside with a covering shell of sand-colored coated aluminum sheet.

The balustrades of balconies and loggias are constructed of flat steel and are also sand-colored coated.


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