The Picturesque Studio opens up an old family home in Ghaziabad to bring in light and sophistication.

Situated in Ghaziabad, Residence KD10 is a renovation project by The Picturesque Studio that transforms a formerly under-lit and seemingly impermeable family home originally built in the early 1980s. Utilising the double heights and maximising the potential of the abundant interior spaces, a charming, modern house is created within the pre-existing fabric.

Project Name – Residence KD10
Typology – Residential
Plot Area – 1,800 sqyrds
Built-Up Area – 10,000 sqft
Location – Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
Year of Completion – 2020
Architecture Design Firm – The Picturesque Studio
Principal Architect – Priya Doon
Photography – Suryan and Dang
Text Credit – Sadhya Bhatnagar

Residence KD10 by The Picturesque Studio - Sheet5
©Suryan and Dang

The biggest transformations in the home were carried out in the common areas. The family lounge—set within a double height volume—lends the home a sense of spacious grandeur. Muted pops of colour complement the warm tones of the wood, and the strong geometry of the elements create an elegant setting. Adjacent to the lounge is the kitchen, with a graphic glass dining table connecting the two through a glass partition.

Residence KD10 by The Picturesque Studio - Sheet6
©Suryan and Dang

The layout of the home makes use of a free plan to effectively open up the interiors. It is centred around a metal staircase that has been designed to provide a visual lightness to its surroundings. Providing a drastic relief from the stairwell that stood in its place before, with monolithic concrete guardrails and a single small window, it was opened up to integrate the area into the design scheme. Instead of a dimly lit separate entity, it was made to be a part of the family lounge. Pendant lights suspended from the ceiling of the stairwell elevate the sleek, minimal design of the staircase while large windows admit ample daylight into this space. Reclaimed wood panels used on the second storey tie together the material palette, adding to the warmth and openness that was created by replacing the wall with a parapet. This enables one to look over the family lounge from the second storey, allowing for easier interaction between the levels in the home.

Residence KD10 by The Picturesque Studio - Sheet7
©Suryan and Dang

The formal living and dining areas, which were earlier closed, dark rooms, required major design interventions. The revamped spaces are a chic-modern yet quirky mix of textures and tones. Large glazing offers a better connection to the rest of the home and the furnishings are spatially oriented in a way to create a space that flows better. The integration of ceiling-suspended shelving, colour-blocked console table and red-hued, wooden chairs lends this dining space a subtle sophistication.

The bedrooms extend the same design philosophy. The natural material palette is accented with colours like cool blues and sage green in heavy prints and patterns—balancing the overall warm character of the interiors. The natural grain of the wood juxtaposed against the patterns give the rooms a light, fresh look. Large bay windows look out to private greens and help connect the inside to the outside. Reading nooks enveloped in wood and daylit study tables feature within the bedrooms to encompass the needs of the occupants.

Residence KD10 by The Picturesque Studio - Sheet9
©Suryan and Dang

Presenting clever interventions through a minimal design scheme, this Ghaziabad home is a refreshing upgrade to its former self; bold in its form yet rooted in functionality. It is a reflection of the clients’ brief that called for an abode that is simple and familiar, yet sophisticated and luxurious.


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