The concept of symbiosis guides the project of the new hotel born in the city of Rimini: SYMBIOSIS.

Project Name: SYMBIOSIS
Studio Name: Rizoma Architetture

SYMBIOSIS by Rizoma Architetture - Sheet5
©Rizoma Architetture

The idea is to present a hotel linked to the soul of the city and capable of becoming an excellence. A place that blends with the city, its citizens and the nature of the double scenario of the area, that of the hills of the hinterland and that of the sea.

The concept of symbiosis therefore concerns the close relationship existing in Rimini between nature, city, man and the sea. Symbiosis is a project of coexistence, of cohabitation. The style and life experience itself (“bios”) are unique in Rimini: they involve everyone, they bring people together: tourists, residents, passers-by and occasional visitors.

SYMBIOSIS by Rizoma Architetture - Sheet7
©Rizoma Architetture

For this reason, the hotel structure will function as an open house, a container open to the city and its various activities.

SYMBIOSIS is the result of the natural link between Rimini and its people, between land and sea, not only a place of being but also a place of being.

SYMBIOSIS by Rizoma Architetture - Sheet9
©Rizoma Architetture

SYMBIOSIS will be the fulcrum of the new capital of tourism, the excellence of the unique lifestyle that it can express.


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