The house named “Modern Contemporary House” in Ahmedabad is built by following the principles of modern simplicity in all the architectural aspects with a modern combination in the interiors to create a bungalow with aesthetically coherent interconnected spaces.

Project Name: Modern Contemporary House
Architecture Firm: Shayona Consultant
Principal  & Founder Architect: Ar. Prashant Parmar
Firm Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Completion Year: 2022
Plot Area: 3880 sq.ft
Gross Built Area: 5350 sq.ft
Budget: INR 4500 / Sq.ft. Approx.
Project location: Paldi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Photo Credits : MKG_Studio

Modern Contemporary House by Shayona Consultant - Sheet5

This modest east-facing plot welcomes the daylight and air to penetrate through the full-sized window to keep it naturally vivid and fresh throughout the day. The house holds wisely oriented elevated gardens on each floor to foster cross-ventilation keeping the spaces crisp and connecting the user with nature.

Every activity was planned by the architect in such a way that it creates a connection with the gardens and also has the personal connection between all the floors. In addition to that, staggered volumes were created to overcome the “Boxy” and “Overpowering” structure on the South-East corner which resulted in the terrace garden on each floor giving it a natural stepped form. Furthermore, the various cuboid volumes staggered at different levels make this bungalow an interesting self-shading structure.

Modern Contemporary House by Shayona Consultant - Sheet7

The scorching summer in Ahmedabad increases the temperature of the city to 45 to 47 degrees keeping the city hot. To make the open spaces useful in that extreme climatic conditions, this shelf shading structure fulfills its purpose and benefits users to wander in the balcony spaces even during the daytime. All the activities were pushed to the back end side and the foremost side was kept open to accommodate that place with elevated gardens on each floor. The west face was served by the toilets which creates the buffer for the bedrooms on the east face and cut the heat from the west.

Modern Contemporary House by Shayona Consultant - Sheet8

The double-heighted entry foyer upon entry to the house gives an iconic identity to stand out from the surrounding houses. The volumetric difference is experienced from double height to single height while entering the home. The purposeful placement of elements like wooden blinds in the Common Area maintains the privacy of the user and gives a dramatic effect of light throughout the day. The double-heighted Puja Area gives a grandeur look. The first floor is accommodated with a double-heighted Lounge Area which gives a “wow factor” to the space. Here, the user can connect with the upper as well as lower levels at the same moment. The exemplary element of the house is the minimalist bedrooms with a camouflaged door and garden balcony. The multipurpose room on the second floor is treated as a leisure space which is highlighted with seamless wooden flooring that creates a warm ambiance.


The right proportion of red brick cladding with Stone Crete texture in grey and white tones highlights the aesthetics of the architecture for the exteriors. Whereas, the thoughtful use of fluted panels, veneers, stone veneers, and modified clay material with Italian marble flooring enhances the subtle tones of the interior. The building is made sustainable and maintenance-free by the use of natural materials like MCM.


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