Located on the outskirts of Bharuch city, the structure serves as a sales office for an upcoming housing development scheme. The site lies adjacent to a 12m wide road on the southern side. The connecting road runs diagonally, thus creating a trapezoidal perimeter for the site.

PROJECT NAME: Wrapped Volumes
LOCATION/ADDRESS: Tavra Road, Zadeshwar
CITY: Bharuch
STATE: Gujarat
ARCHITECT(S) / FIRM: The Bureau for Architecture and Design (B.A.D) Studio
PROJECT DESIGN TEAM: Boney Keriwala, Alak Parmar, Taikhum Shaikh, Aadil Amla, Milindsinh Solanki, Nikunj Rajpara.
STRUCTURAL CONSULTANT: Shilp Sadhna Structural Consultancy
CONTRACTOR: Gangaprasad
PHOTOGRAPHY ACCREDITAION:  Panchkon Stills, Boney Keriwala

Wrapped Volumes By The BAD Studio - Sheet3
©Panchkon Stills, Boney Keriwala

The site lacked any particular context, the same became a starting point for the design as the initial concept was to reflect this progressive movement of the road onto the site and advancing it into a structure that lifts itself from the ground and transforms itself to a dynamic geometry and wraps the functions of an office.

We initiated by marking immediate setbacks from the site and traced the paths to define the building footprint and movement towards the structure. The traced paths are further extruded forming diagonal planes that lead towards the office. The internal built mass is defined by introducing planes and allocating them spaces following the hierarchy.

Wrapped Volumes By The BAD Studio - Sheet5
©Panchkon Stills, Boney Keriwala

The movement towards the interior of the building provides a seamless transition from the landscape outside. As one enters, tones of grey on wall and floors are complemented by the outdoor greenery, drawing an individual to a waiting zone. Being a compact space, the north side glass pane brings an abundance of natural light into the structure. The sales and accounts area is placed on the south side, which receives an indirect light filtered through the wrapped facade with minimal heating. The vestibule leads to the director’s cabin, a lavish space with an outdoor deck and a connecting green space.

The main façade of the structure faces south direction. To avoid extreme heating, we interpreted the movement of road and wrapped the façade into a continuous strip. Some parts of these wraps evolved towards a landscape layer, while others continued as a protective skin. The façade poses a striking ribbed plaster indicative of linearity and motion with the structure. It was a design challenge, as plaster tends to be brittle and sustain impact damage. To retain the strength of these ribs, various samples were generated by increasing the amount of cement into the plaster mix.

Wrapped Volumes By The BAD Studio - Sheet7
©Panchkon Stills, Boney Keriwala

The comprehensive design is a cost-effective structure with optimum space utilisation, where light and shadow play equally important roles in intensifying the geometry. Simultaneously creating a sequence that encases an individual to seamlessly transcend from exterior to interior spaces, thus allowing it to make space seem larger than life.


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