The Czech Republic, city of Brno, Part of municipality Tuřany. Brno is the second largest city of the Czech Republic – appr. 370 000 inhabitants. A project „Retirement home – Brno Turany, Holasecká street new building“. The year of realization is 2009.  The investment cost: 137 mil. CZK

Studio Name: Architectural office Radko Kvet
Design team: Ing.arch. Radko Květ, Ing.arch. Vladimír Pacek, Ing. arch.Miloš Schneider
Area: 25 385 m3 – enclosed space
Year: 2009
Location: Brno – Turany, Holasecka street 33
Photography Credits: Mr. Gabriel Dvořák

Retirement home Brno – Turany, Holasecka street 33 By Architectural office Radko Kvet - Sheet2
©Mr. Gabriel Dvořák

It was an investment of the statutory city of Brno.

The building was planned on a small plot of land with a view to the future expansion after the settlement of property rights. In 2019, we conducted a study of an extension with the public park. During to the fact that project was determinated by it´s functional intent and capital expenditure there was not so big space for creativity and use for a better material.

Retirement home Brno – Turany, Holasecka street 33 By Architectural office Radko Kvet - Sheet3
©Mr. Gabriel Dvořák

However, within the given  possibilities, we tried to „humanize“ otherwise standard conventional solution.  It is (in this time) the cheapest building system – a brick building in combination with a rainforced concrete struction. Also, alternative energy sources were not considered at the time, nor was the emphasis on sustainable architecture. Due to the required functional content and the zoning plan, the limited amount of the building, we were forced to extract a significant amount of soil and create a garden space at the level – 1st floor. and to achieve by this step the illumination of a large area at the level – 1.PP.

Retirement home Brno – Turany, Holasecka street 33 By Architectural office Radko Kvet - Sheet5
©Mr. Gabriel Dvořák

The building contains 87 rooms (single rooms 69, double rooms 18), client’s common rooms, dining room, kitchen, laundry and all operating rooms. Transport parking solution minimized according to the standard – (this is a developing area with the possibility of further modifications). Greenery and other possible superstructure functions are gradually being completed. Despite the above facts – in the words of the director – the home fulfills its function satisfactorily.


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