Complex of two single-family houses situated on the shoreline of the lake. A plot of land with a south entrance and steep slope was a design challenge. The concept is to reverse the night and day zones.

Project Name: BOR
Studio Name: MAKA Studio

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The night zone is on floor -1, while the day zone is available on floor 0. The building uses the natural terrain – it flows down with the surroundings. Thanks to this, the living area is higher and we get a greater panorama of the lake, and the two-storey blocks of buildings, partially hidden in the slope, do not disturb the scale of the town and fit into the existing area.

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A steep slope of the plot separates the private part of the gardens from the street, creating a calm green zone overlooking the lake. By using natural, noble materials such as wood, stone or brick, the buildings blend in with the surroundings and complement it. Main facade is made in wood by Investors came to us with a specific problem. How to reconcile a large slope of the terrain with an entrance from the south and a view from the north, bypassing the ‘obstacle’ below the ground that blocked the view. Thanks to the reversal of the day and night zones, the living room with a beautiful view of the lake panorama is located on the higher level, thanks to which we could see through the building and greenery below, that would block the view.

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The night zone was hidden in a slope under the living room, which gave it a more private character – less visible from the lake shore. In addition, the arrangement of windows strongly directed on the West allowed privacy, separating visually from the part of the public beach located on the N/E side. In addition, garage located on the upper level(by the kitchen) is a convenient solution in everyday life. Investors had to break with traditional thinking of day / night ground division, but after presenting our concept, they had no doubts that such a procedure allows you to use the potential of the place to the maximum.

Design inspirations:
Investors turned out to be very conscious clients, familiar with the world architecture trends. They did not want the building to pop out like a “temple” on a hill. They were afraid that it would dominate the escarpment and the shore. Therefore we tried to draw inspiration from regional architecture. Sloping roofs, natural materials. A typical barn but with an element of modernity and individualism.

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The context of the place and the large decline gave it individuality. Together, we found that the cladding must be timeless and elegant, which is why we used wood, brick and concrete cladding, that fit perfectly into the context. A high-quality materials will allow buildings to age nobly. Hiding the building in the slope allowed to avoid rescaling the body. In the gable walls, we gave up the entire glass wall in the form of a triangle, in favor of a well-framed lake view.


MAKA.STUDIO is our dream to design honest, authentic architecture and friendly, original interiors. We opened the studio a few years ago.
The main idea that guided us was to create architecture and interiors that correspond to our aesthetics, organize the space and simply bring pleasure. By developing our professional skills in Paris and Milan, we wanted to transfer good design habits to our ground.
Tired of the quality of the surroundings, we decided to create what we desire to see ourselves. Projects that can inspire and reflect the personality of the owners. When creating, we often choose one slogan that creates the ideological framework of our design path, defines the appearance, shape and sense of space. We try to approach each project unconventionally, combining the expectations of our investors with the timeless aesthetics and character of the place.
Each project is a separate challenge for us, we thoroughly analyze the possibilities of each place, every time trying to define the issue we receive differently. Our projects are published in magazines all over the world, which confirms the rightly chosen path and gives satisfaction.
We specialize mainly in residential architecture, private interiors and medical offices. We permanently cooperate with a group of trusted specialists and industry specialists, which we systematically expand.
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