The Garden courtyard is located in the new area close to Høje-Taastrup station.

The Garden Courtyard is formed around a central courtyard filled with abundant fruit trees and green space. The dynamic, circular form emerges from adjusting a series of boxes to maximize sunlight, privacy, wind protection, and garden access for every resident.

Studio Name:  Atelier Lorentzen Langkilde
Design Team: Kasper Lorentzen, Kristian Langkilde, Mads Poulsen
Area:  Høje-Taastrup, Denmark
Year: 2020
Location: Skjeberg Allé 62-90, Høje-Taastrup
Photography Credits: Kirstine Mengel
Other Credits:  Collaborators: KAB, Lytt, Tranberg Arkitekter

Garden Courtyard By Atelier Lorentzen Langkilde - Sheet2
©Kirstine Mengel

The construction varies in height between 2 and 3 floors. The Garden Courtyard is composed as an architectural sculpture of 30 homes for the elderly. The apartments have variation in size from 64-84 m2 incl. share of access area. The apartments are located around a nice courtyard. All apartments have access to either terrace or balcony. Storage room is located in the dwelling with the exception of 3 dwellings where it is located in the shed.

All apartments are furnished taking into account residents with disabilities. The kitchen is kept in bright colors, the oven is located in the high cabinet, and the bathroom is designed so that it can be used by wheelchair users.

Garden Courtyard By Atelier Lorentzen Langkilde - Sheet4
©Kirstine Mengel

The vision for the homes for the elderly is to create a local environment and framework that strengthens the social community while at the same time ensuring privacy. The heart of the community is the courtyard, which is planted with fruit trees, berry bushes and perennials. The courtyard is arranged so that it is easily accessible.

The Garden courtyard facades are natural slate in shades of gray-brown as well as wooden surfaces that help to give the buildings a warm look.

Garden Courtyard By Atelier Lorentzen Langkilde - Sheet5
©Kirstine Mengel

Common facilities

The Garden courtyard ‘s meeting place is the courtyard and the common room, which is located at the main entrance to the building, close to the elevator and stairs. Along with the common room there is a small operating office. In addition, the building has space for bicycles and the opportunity to make use of the neighboring building ‘Egeskovvænges’ large common rooms.


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