The house presents a splendid coalescence of traditional Vastu principles, climate-responsive forms and contemporary spatial arrangements. Indore’s reputed real estate consultant and affable personality Client wanted a home that caters to the family’s needs and entices his guests with comfortable, entertaining and leisurely spaces respecting neighbouring properties and attaining privacy.

Project Name: Villa Tranquil
Office Name: RKGA Consultants Pvt Ltd
Office Website:
Social Media Accounts:   rkga_consultants (Instagramm), RKGA Consultants Pvt Ltd Indore (Facebook)
Firm Location: Indore  M.P. India
Completion Year:  april 2021
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 7850 sqft
Project Location: Indore  M.P. India
Program / Use / Building Function: Residential
Lead Architects: Ar. Akashdeep Gupta, Ar. Ravi Mandoria
Photo Credits: Agrawal Colour Vision

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The site is located at a solitary intersection of an elite neighbourhood, facing roads on the eastern and southern sides, a plot on the western side and farmland on the north. The unique shape of the site has an extruding corner in the north-eastern direction and the other three sides straight. The minimal form of the house follows the singular aesthetic while surprising visitors with contrasting wall elements. The intricate and cosy eastern entrance of the house contrasts with the lucid wall of the south. The alluring exposed concrete staircase, the cantilevered roof of the terrace garden, the pool; and volumed up windows reflect and compliment the northern green gathering spaces.

Strategically, considering sciography, the northern side of the site was kept open for usual functions with an outdoor kitchen in the northwest and a triangular temple in the northeast, aptly placed as per Vastu. The clever design of the temple with a glass pyramid roof converts the unique limitation of the plot to its advantage. The temple with the external kitchen on the northern edge of the plot harmonically provides an enclosure to the well thought open space of the site.

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On the eastern side, the congenial main entry welcomes and intrigues one with ample verdure and a glimpse of the northern garden. The reserved southern side manages only services and maid entry and is plain & abstract to avoid harsh sun and heat. The house consists of three bedrooms, an external, internal and outdoor kitchen, a leisure room, a home theatre, a set of terraces, a garden with an outdoor pool and a temple.

The house deploys itself on the north. The house interiors with tranquil lighting at all levels are designed as minimal in the visual and textural senses while keeping the idea of luxury intact. The guest room, doubled volume of the living and drawing rooms face the garden with an infinity pool. And the master bedroom has its personal garden view in the south. The client’s master bedroom and guest room abutting the living area, dining area and two sets of kitchens are on the ground floor. The homemaker of the house cherishes occasional cooking and stresses the need for multiple kitchens as per the occasion and type of culinary preparations.

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The upper floor hosts two bedrooms. Taking most of the advantages of the garden view, the ergonomic bathtub of the son’s bedroom also looks over the refreshing garden. The floor also provides a home theatre and a leisure hall for varied merriment; with a separate entrance from the garden too for uninterrupted connection to the open and closed areas of the verve. The rustic design of the leisure hall has soundproof windows around a bar counter with a huge collection of bottles, a projector screen and an open floor area.

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The house culminates as the sky ascends so is the celebration on the two terraces of the house. The smaller terrace enjoys the views of southern hills on winter noons while the larger terrace arranges the sit-outs on summer dusks to celebrate “Shab-e-malwa”-the famed Malva twilight.


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