UNStudio’s approach for the Marina Residential Tower in the Ellinikon masterplan aims to create a human-centric journey that redefines luxury and emphasises a connection to culture, nature, and community that shapes the future Athens.

Project Name: Marina Residential Tower
Studio Name: UNStudio
credit the renders to: ©Plomp

Marina Residential Tower By UNStudio - Sheet2

Crafting a centerpiece

The Marina Residential Tower finds its form through a precise focus on details. It is conceived as a centerpiece that performs as one integrated system and is crafted to reflect the sun, cast graded shadows and changing light throughout the day. The façade is carved out of the silhouette of the tower and works as an integral part of the structural system. The sculpted building is composed of three main elements: the horizontal balcony planes, the curved walls and the clear enclosure.

The balcony design becomes the main identifying aspect of the project, accentuating the voluminous appearance of the building through an interplay between light and shadow. The tower plan is configured in an octagonal symmetrical shape, which assists in reducing exposure to predominant winds. The facade design introduces two contrasting materials; an alternating rhythm of solid curved walls followed by straight glass walls, as well as undulating balconies with a system of wall rotations on every floor that contributes to the dynamic impression of its appearance.

Marina Residential Tower By UNStudio - Sheet4

Constructing as a Craftsman

The Marina Tower is conceived through a contemporary (re)interpretation of local craftsmanship. UNStudio used parametric digital tools to compose and sculpt the building. The selection of warm and earthy materials for the proposal highlights UNStudio’s tactile approach to the senses, diffuses the Attica light and brings a human scale to the space.

The slender podium sits inside a lush Mediterranean landscape and allows the tower to softly land on the ground. It is the nodal point where the welcoming areas and the social spaces for the tenants are located.

Marina Residential Tower By UNStudio - Sheet

The landscape concept ‘Living in a Garden’ aims to deliver a real sense of place and a memorable experience through the utilisation of textures, materiality, colours and aromas. As such, the building creates distinctive gardens each with a unique theme; from subtropical gardens suited to the Mediterranean climate to dry gardens reminiscent of a forest.


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