Our firm designed this 4,683 SF, 6-bedroom, 7.5 bathroom home on front beach Isle of Palms, South Carolina for a family from Charlotte, NC looking to build a space where friends and family could convene for generations to come.

Project Name: Isle of Palms Oasis
Studio Name: Herlong Architects
Design Team: Herlong Architects, David Smith Interiors, Phillip Smith General Contractor
Size: 4,683 square feet, 6-bedroom, 7.5 bathroom
Year: 2016
Location: Isle of Palms, South Carolina
Photography Credits: Julia Lynn Photography

Isle of Palms Oasis By Herlong Architects - Sheet5
©Julia Lynn Photography

Our clients particularly admired Caribbean architecture but wanted something that felt appropriate for coastal South Carolina.  As we talked about the home and began our initial sketches, it became apparent to them that architecture of the Lowcountry and the Caribbean went hand in hand.

For the same reasons architectural styles are popular in the Caribbean, they are also popular in the coastal south.  Warm tropical weather patterns require orienting homes to take advantage of the prevailing breezes in all seasons, along with the strategic placement of windows and doors to facilitate natural air movement throughout the home. Deep, breezy porches protect the living areas, and provide comfortable outdoor spaces to continue the living areas toward the sea.  A strong sense of order and symmetry define the style, and is blended with the more organic and relaxed feel of traditional local materials available in the islands.

Isle of Palms Oasis By Herlong Architects - Sheet6
©Julia Lynn Photography

A primary focus of the design process was research of high-quality and sustainable materials, to both compliment the aesthetics of the home and protect it from the harsh environmental tendencies of the Carolina coast.  Having witnessed the degradation of many properties built in the area during the 1990’s, our Clients assembled a team of professionals who not only understand the importance of designing for wind, water and salt air, but create homes with character, livability and purpose.

Isle of Palms Oasis By Herlong Architects - Sheet9
©Julia Lynn Photography

Natural light and views of the Atlantic Ocean dictated the spatial planning of the home, and the open kitchen, dining, and living room allowed for a continuous panorama of the view.  Heavy reclaimed beams and pecky cypress detailing create a feeling of being surrounded by natural driftwood, and help to contrast the texture of tightly-butted white shiplap walls. Natural light filters in from all sides, especially through the center of the home through a dramatic oval skylight over the open stairwell.  The use of cypress is continued on the upper level, with its most notable representation in the kids’ guest room, where everything from the walls and ceiling to the bunks and built-in dressers are clad with the weathered wood.  Heaters are seamlessly concealed into the porch while optional porch screens can be pulled down to make porch living enjoyable no matter the season.

Isle of Palms Oasis By Herlong Architects - Sheet14
©Julia Lynn Photography

Our clients love the relaxed ease of living near the coast, and the security that comes with carefully executed design and craftsmanship.  Their home truly reflects their love of our beaches, with sun and sand friendly furnishings and ample opportunities for year-round outdoor living and entertaining. Ultimately, the open plan and thoughtful interior palate provides an uninhibited sense of place, allowing the family to constantly see, hear, and feel the beauty of the beach.


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