Rampiral is located on the Pacific coast on the beach of Same province of Esmeraldas north of Ecuador. Located on a plot of 36’394m2 with a front of 254m facing the sea.

Studio Name: Leppanen Anker Arquitectura
Design Team: Gabriela Anker, Aaron Leppanen, Alberto Jativa, Peter Mathews, Sofía Chávez, José Silva
Area: 36, 394 m2
Year: 2014
Location: Same, Ecuador

Rampiral Apartments By Leppanen Anker Arquitectura - Sheet4
©Leppanen Anker Arquitectura

Leppanen Anker Architects has created a new private beach development, which includes 6 private luxury homes, all with panoramic views of the ocean and a private pool. The project also includes 5 buildings with a total of 28 apartments. The intention of this preliminary project is to present a design with modern, welcoming spaces and with visual connection to the natural surroundings.

Rampiral Apartments By Leppanen Anker Arquitectura - Sheet6
©Leppanen Anker Arquitectura

The conceptual design of the house follows open curves to give a feeling of softness and exponentiate the views of the beach. The house has two floors of program, being the first floor fully open to connect to the pool area and the panoramic view. The house considers the natural light, air and privacy. Each house has large green areas and transparency. The houses have an approximate area of ​​350m².

Rampiral Apartments By Leppanen Anker Arquitectura - Sheet10
©Leppanen Anker Arquitectura

The design concept of the apartment buildings uses smooth rotation of the floor plates to maximize the views towards the beach and thus create movement and rhythm that complement the environment. All the apartments have balconies that continue with the forms of the buildings and connect with the communal spaces. It also presents good social spaces and functional adaptations for the good living of the residents.

Leppanen Anker ArquitecturaLeppanen Anker Arquitectura

Leppanen Anker Arquitectura is an award winning architectural firm founded in 2012 with the vision of creating a space for architectural experimentation. The office has an interest in developing spatial experiences that consider the needs of their clients, through the fusion of parametric tools with contextual, cultural, material, formal and sustainable influences.

Leppanen Anker Arquitectura was founded in 2012 in Quito, Ecuador by architects Aaron Leppanen and Gabriela Anker who have significant experience in Architectural Design, Urban Design, Master Planning, Furniture Design, Construction Management and Digital Production. Projects range in both scale and program. Aaron and Gabriela have worked on projects in Europe, Asia, North America, South America and the Middle East.

Leppanen Anker Arquitectura has international experience working across multiple scales, programs, cultures and locations. Leppanen Anker has diverse background with experience in Residential, Commercial, Cultural, Educational and Health Care projects both in the public and private sectors. We have architects and designers from several countries including Russia, the United States and Ecuador, who constantly keep the team updated on the latest world trends.


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