This is a private invitational competition in which we had ten days to submit the proposal. Somehow this short times are not  the usual for this size pf project ,we think it also helps the convener  to measure the speed of  response of  those invited.

Project Name: Concurso Tecamachaclo
Studio Name: Pascal Arquitectos
Location: Tecamachalco, Mexico

Concurso Tecamachaclo By Pascal Arquitectos - Sheet1
©Pascal Arquitectos

In these cases developers call the architects to compete and see who gets better potential. The first requirement is to accommodate  the most sellable area allowed by legislation.

Concurso Tecamachaclo By Pascal Arquitectos - Sheet2
©Pascal Arquitectos

Architecture and its shape is not the will of the architects, but the translation of a prediction of what the judges understood as the aspiration of the market.

Concurso Tecamachaclo By Pascal Arquitectos - Sheet3
©Pascal Arquitectos

This project itself consists of two towers, each with two elevator cores, that comes from the necessity to provide the best surroundings and making the most of these view of the canyon. These towers have the chance to be subdivided into four if necessary for logistics and finance.

Concurso Tecamachaclo By Pascal Arquitectos - Sheet4
©Pascal Arquitectos

The facades are rotated to avoid west, we  thought that recreational services would work better  in  the roof, besides there would be no need to have  a separate specific building.


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