Punta Majahua is situated in the magnificent surf villa of Troncones, it is a residential complex strategically located in a spectacular ten thousand square meter piece of land on a peninsula, north of Troncones, in the state of Guerrero, Mexico.

Name of Project: Punta Majahua
Architectural Firm: Zozaya Arquitectos
Office Address: Centro Comercial Los Patios 111, Ixtapa, Guerrero, México. Cp. 40884.
Leader of Design & Project: Architect, Daniel Zozaya Valdés and Enrique Zozaya Diaz
Project´s Team: Carlos Morales, Luis Alonso, José Antonio Vázquez, Ana Karen Cadena, Esthela Valenzuela, Ana Karen Cadena, Jesus Lopez, Cesar Octavio.
Location of Project: Troncones, México.
Construction Company: Zozaya Arquitectos
Structural Design: Omar Hernández
Year of completion: 2021
Área: 7,773 m2
Photopgraphy: Cesar Belio & Daniel Zozaya

Punta Majahua By Zozaya Arquitectos - Sheet3
©Cesar Belio & Daniel Zozaya

The concept of Punta Majahua was designed to create luxurious beachfront residences, with a very organic, and fluid architectural style which would integrate the best way possible to accommodate the site. The masterplan of the project has six buildings with three floors each, and five to eight residences making a total of thirty-nine units, a covered garage area, paddle court, a family swimming pool with a semi olympic lap lane, an administrative office, a gym, staffing and service area, orchards for the resident’s consumption, and green areas.

Punta Majahua By Zozaya Arquitectos - Sheet6
©Cesar Belio & Daniel Zozaya

Taking advantage of the location and geographic morphology of the land, we made it our top priority to build in the best location imaginable for these residences, situating them the closest we could possibly get to the ocean, and hence, obtaining spectacular ocean views, privacy between units and orientation to the north, which is ideal by the neach for reducing energy consumption, so as to keep the units sufficiently cooled.

Punta Majahua By Zozaya Arquitectos - Sheet9
©Cesar Belio & Daniel Zozaya

Residences at ground level have semiprivate gardens with exclusive exits to the beach, and the upper units distinguish themselves for their ocean views and the Sierra Madre on the back facade. The architectural style of the project centers upon the use of curved walls on ground floors, and facades. As we break away from the traditional ninety-degree angles, we create very special, and unique homes, where the use of curved walls allowed us to resolve the spaces in a more integral way, and we exponentially improved the view, orientations, and crossed ventilation. Consequently, we created fluid and dynamic volumes, in which we achieved balance between vernacular and contemporary architecture to create residences that are functional, and easy to keep up.

Punta Majahua By Zozaya Arquitectos - Sheet11
©Cesar Belio & Daniel Zozaya

The materials used on this project are what is normally used in the traditional Zihuantanejo costal style, including masonry walls, bamboo, dry palm branches for the gazebos and palapas, river Stones for the ornamentation of rugs and baseboards in the interiors, bush hammered marble floors, parota wood, and bamboo carpentry.

The landscaping of the project was based on the analysis and understanding of the local ecosystem, due to the scarcity of water in the region. The area is composed of a regenerative landscape, using a regional vegetable palette, with low water consumption, and is easily able to withstand the ocean breeze, and salinity, as well as the planting of local fruit trees, and the use of turf and gravel in various sections in order to reduce water consumption. It is worth mentioning that the project has it’s very own residual water treatment plant, hence reusing the water to water to water the plants. This means that grey water is used to feed the plants, which thrive in such conditions.

Punta Majahua By Zozaya Arquitectos - Sheet12
©Cesar Belio & Daniel Zozaya

Punta Majahua is absolutely outstanding for it’s symbiosis and integration to nature, and without a doubt, a groundbreaking to the development of the Troncones Community, which has gained great popularity and prestige among international tourists, who flock to the region for not only a place with excellent waves, but also a different and new lifestyle, with a more natural, organic, harmonious vibration, and feel aligned with the coasts of the Mexican Pacific, which are the perfect ingredients for a natural life.


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