Urban villa was designed for a small family of business people who are into land development and construction. The clients brief was to create a home which would be timeless, comfortable and requires as little maintenance as possible. At the same time the design of the home had to be such that the visitors would step back to appreciate and admire.

YEAR – 2014

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The design comprises of contemporary style with modern amenities reflecting the lifestyle, aspirations and personalities of client. The design integrates 3000 sq.ft plot with 4000 sq.ft built up area.

The initial idea for this house was to outline all its views towards the interior since the views of the environment that it surrounded was not anything attractive. The unique signature of this project is the surprise element created by the number of amenities accommodated in such a small space to conjure different moods and which cannot be visualized from exterior. The spaces are organized so as there is a play of volume, form and light. The living, dining, kitchen is located at the ground level with elder’s room. First level is a private space accommodating three bed rooms. The second level accommodates a bedroom, gym, spa and home theatre. The terrace level has a pool table area with a terrace garden. The intermediate lobbies are treated with different shaped screens.

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The elevation is crafted with uniqueness by the use of wooden effect planks. The modern contemporary design followed in this project is reflected in cuboid masses juxtaposed against vertical planes in clean, straight lines. Terraces, decks and balconies at various levels offer different possibilities of engagement with outdoors and indoors. The building is aligned to vastu norms yet with modern appeal. The use of reflective glass provides a bold, crisp exterior appearance, along with a dynamic building surface that changes to reflect the color of the sky, the passing of clouds and the different times of day. They also add depth to the elevation widening up smaller spaces by reflecting the light.

The interiors exude an understated feel of elegance and luxury brought about by juxtaposition of spaces and palette of materials used. The range of materials has been meticulously selected to complement each other and create a bold yet harmonious design.

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The entry to the house is via a small foyer and has a water cascade that directs towards the entrance. The sound of the water falling creates a relaxant effect. Living area is tastefully done extending into outdoor spaces so that inside and outside flow together naturally. This enables in opening up of space in tight site. The more use of glass products in interiors has contributed to the entrance of natural light increasing the tranquillity of room. The double height living area creates grandeur and glamorous backdrop for entertaining guests.

The bedrooms are spacious and luxurious. Rich dark wood and ethnic wallpaper are contrasted against sleek materials like back painted glass & leather. The use of planters and natural stone draws nature in. The artifacts used adds drama to the interior of house and bring life to even the most unnoticed corner of house. They also add dynamism and vigour to the spaces.

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Audio visual room in second floor acts as home entertainment space with high-quality audio system and creative fabric solutions. The red tint added to the room creates a cozy effect along with the lighting.

To marvel at the endless ceiling of sky and stars, a lounge area is provided at the terrace. It is curvaceous in shape with luxurious white decor, warm wooden flooring and with adequate task lighting.

This project incorporates popular modern green features such as solar panels, green walls and a roof deck with a garden\green roof. South facing solar panel heat water in winters reducing the electric cost. So overall, Urban villa is a great mix of flexibility, luxury, and efficiency.


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