Near zero energy home on 130 square meters, made from natural and ecologically sustainable materials (wood and wood fiber). The architectural composition is a mixture of traditional and contemporan Hungarian architecture,  emphasizing functionality and simplicity.

Project Name: P House
Studio Name:  atelierR design studio Kft.
Design Team: Rozália Bálint, Hajnalka Szilágyi
Area: Budapest, Hungary
Year: 2019
Location: Zsámbék
Consultants: László Ács, Zoltán Hantos
Photography Credits: Rozália Bálint
Other Credits: Ubrankovics Kft.

P House By AtelierR Design Studio - Sheet1
©Rozália Bálint
P House By AtelierR Design Studio - Sheet2
©Rozália Bálint
P House By AtelierR Design Studio - Sheet3
©Rozália Bálint
©Rozália Bálint

AtelierR Design Studio

As an expert in energy-efficient home design with international work- and academic background, the goal of AtelierR Design Studio’s small team is to create meaningful architecture through deep understanding of human needs. Atelierr Design Studio strives to ensure that their designs offer functional, enjoyable, energy-efficient and sustainable living spaces customized to individual needs. This is highly appreciated by their customers as reflected by overwhelmingly positive reviews and testimonials. They offer general planning and project management with consequent conceptional and permit plans, construction plans supplemented with detailed interior design, accompanied by technical advisory and on-site supervision services.


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