The site is positioned at a sharp corner along Sukhumvit 49 road, a lively residential area in the heart of Bangkok. The building takes on an L-shape, and has been placed with its length along the corner of the adjacent streets, creating privacy from the neighbouring 8-storey building and valuable landscaped space for a swimming pool and a cozy garden.

Project Name: Via 49
Studio Name:
Somdoon Architects
Design Team: Somdoon Architects Ltd.

Project Director:
Punpong Wiwatkul
Puiphai  Khunawat

Project Team: 
Supachai  Khiewngam
Piboon Amornjiraporn
Shalom Choong
Panit Limpiti
Rapeepun Thongprywong

Architectural Design Collaborator: Creative Crews Ltd.
Site Area : 1,788 sq.m.
Gross Floor Area: 9,800 sq.m.

Completion Year: March, 2013
Location: Sukhumvit Soi 49, Bangkok, Thailand
Interior Architect / Designer: Somdoon Architects Ltd.
Interior Design Collaborator: Creative Crews Ltd.
Landscape Architect: Shma Co., Ltd.
Main Contractor: PBL Group Co.,Ltd ,Siphya Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Photography Credits: W Workspace

Via 49 by Somdoon Architects and Creative Crews - Sheet1
©W Workspace

The lobby has been sunk below the road level to achieve maximum internal height for each apartment, whilst keeping overall height of the building within local building height regulations. A skylight runs along and above the lobby to create a visual connection to the pool deck on the 2nd floor and allow for reflected natural light.

The individual units boast timber floors and floor to ceiling glazing. Special aluminium fins have been placed at the internal corner of the ‘L’ shape to allow for privacy between apartments and public spaces.

Via 49 by Somdoon Architects and Creative Crews - Sheet4
©W Workspace

The unusual articulation of the building begins to break up the visual scale of the building. Instead of expressing each floor, the floors have been regrouped, sliced and shifted with structural cantilevers of up to 3m. The layering effect is further emphasized with by the changing colour of each grouped layer.

Via 49 by Somdoon Architects and Creative Crews - Sheet5
©W Workspace

The layers of the façade are further articulated by means of a randomized pattern made from precast, glass-fibre reinforced concrete panels. This pattern is continued in front of the air-conditioning units but by means of aluminium screens. From the road, the screen system hides the air-conditioning units effortlessly.

Via 49 by Somdoon Architects and Creative Crews - Sheet7
©W Workspace

The soft and hard landscaping along the street edge is carefully articulated with corroded steal fins and thick planting, creating for the inside of the building while also contributing positively to pedestrians.

The result is a livable sculpture which can be enjoyed by residents and passers-by alike

Somdoon Architects and Creative Crews


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