Situated in the Seattle neighborhood of Magnolia, the goal of this 3,318-square-foot house was to create a modern spacious home with lots of light, a classic yet modern feel all while managing a limited budget.

Project Name: Magnolia House
Location: Seattle, Washington
Rerucha Studio: Jill Rerucha, architecture and interiors
Collaborators: Contractor: Mint Build LLC
Photography: Lara Swimmer

Magnolia House by Rerucha Studio - Sheet5
©Lara Swimmer

Economy of structure and materials was exercised. Stepping inside the home, the large grid of windows flood the interior with natural light and provide views out onto the street. The living room, located at the front of the house, is focused on a built-in fireplace, while behind the couch is the dining area. Further into the house is the kitchen. A large grey marble slab at the end of the kitchen becomes a backdrop that’s visible from inside and out. A large kitchen island with a sink and plenty of storage, provides ample food prep space. A set of stairs behind the kitchen lead up to the sleeping areas of the home. Dark wood stair treads serve to accent the tranquil interiors. In the master bedroom, the large grid windows and fireplace make another appearance, while the rest of the room has been kept neutral except for a bright Womb chair and ottoman. At the top of the house, there’s a private yoga studio that opens up onto a rooftop deck with views of the neighborhood.

Magnolia House by Rerucha Studio - Sheet6
©Lara Swimmer

The ways in which a limited budget was transformed include:

  • A Tight Design: The house is laid out on a grid. Structure, materials, windows, and casework, all align to create a harmonious design. “I moved walls, prefabricated cabinets, 4×8 exterior siding, and windows within inches to align.” – Jill Rerucha
  • Focal Points: The large grid windows transform the house inside and out and provide high impact street appeal. The large marble slab at the kitchen wall is illuminated and is a dramatic backdrop visible from inside and out. “With a modest budget you choose selectively. It’s like an outfit, Prada shoes and a gap t-shirt is just fine… you do not need all Prada.” – Jill Rerucha
Magnolia House by Rerucha Studio - Sheet9
©Lara Swimmer

The project was a transformative journey from a spec built budget to a luminous design that reflects the client’s spirit.


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