The spacious 2500 sq. feet apartment is a veritable jewel box amidst Kolkata’s heritage buildings. The inspiration for this home stemmed from the couple’s desire to have a private space to entertain guests, a place of relaxation and intimate get-togethers. Here, the unconventional architecture, the merging of the old with the new with pops of colour and free-flowing forms highlight the clients’ desire for a private oasis.

Project Name: Shyamkunj Residence
Studio Name: GroupDCA

Typology: Residencial
Name of Project: Shyamkunj Residence
Location: Kolkata, India
Name of Client: Mr. Raghav
Principal Architect: Amit Aurora
Design Team: Shivani, Sandeep
Built-Up Area (sq ft & sq m): 2500 Sq. Ft.
Completion Date: 2019
Photographer: Saurabh Suryan and Lokesh Dang, Studio Suryan//Dang

Shyamkunj Residence by GroupDCA - Sheet1
©Saurabh Suryan and Lokesh Dang, Studio Suryan//Dang

Each space is different, each comes with surprises and its own intriguing qualities. The interior design ensured that the space retained its contemporary element, but with added touches of nostalgia. High end materials and a swish aesthetic give this party space an upbeat vibe.

Possibly the most eye-catching and vibrant space in the home- the living room- features Terrazzo flooring which extends to the dining space to unify the various spaces. The preponderance of natural light beaming in through the expansive windows makes it perfect for sun-soaked afternoons.

Shyamkunj Residence by GroupDCA - Sheet2
©Saurabh Suryan and Lokesh Dang, Studio Suryan//Dang

The visual narrative of the outside continues inside, a harmonious dialogue between the exterior environment and the interior space by addition of planters. The balcony extends the interiors to the outside, giving the couple ample space to host their friends while also ensuring the space adheres to the design language.

Not to forget, the big and bold patterns are a way of life for this couple. In the living room, textured walls lend visual interest to the interiors, while recessed lighting brightens up every corner. The nature of the rooms is fluid, such that they can be used independently, or connected together, as a whole.

Shyamkunj Residence by GroupDCA - Sheet4
©Saurabh Suryan and Lokesh Dang, Studio Suryan//Dang

The massive bedroom, a private oasis for the couple, beholds a playful design with dark wood herringbone floors. Light, airy curtains and sleek furniture offset the heaviness of the wood in this space. Forgoing the traditional dressing “room”, and instead opting for a partition separating the bed from the wardrobe, creates a free-flowing layout that facilitates movement. The expansive ensuite featuring a luxurious jacuzzi boasts of the unique style the couple carries themselves with.


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