Terrace homes, Garden homes and Sky homes these three variants respectively placed at Base level, mid-level and top level define the architectural dynamics of this residential Highrise in Bengaluru, India. Project is designed by CnT Architects, a legacy firm based in the same city.

Project Name: Terraced Highrise
Studio Name: CnT Architects
Location: Siddhapura, Bangalore
Site Area: 2.98 Acres
Built up Area: 5.00 Lac sft
Year of Completion: 2018
Architectural Design Team: Amit Rastogi, Vikram Desai, Priya Balan
Structural Design: Novel Engineering
MEP: MECA(Electrical design) & Cascade (Plumbing design)
Photography: Shamanth Patil Photography, Amit Rastogi

Terraced Highrise by CnT Architects - Sheet1
Exterior view ©Shamanth Patil Photography, Amit Rastogi

Project called for design of group housing comprising of units of multiple sizes catering to various income group, sizes ranging from 1200 to 2400 sqft. Vision was of creating an architecture for the community wellbeing and active lifestyle. This was planned by creating a central public space energized by open and covered amenities where entire community celebrates together. Units, as quoted earlier are designed on the concepts of Terrace homes, Garden homes & Sky Homes.

Terrace Homes are the stepped Units at the bottom five floors of fifteen floor high towers. These luxury four-bedroom homes open on to terrace decks which form extension of the living & bedroom spaces. One can experience a sense of independent villa in these units having strong connection to green and sky.

Terraced Highrise by CnT Architects - Sheet2
Front view ©Shamanth Patil Photography, Amit Rastogi

Garden homes are the units from 6th-12th floors which are of smaller sizes ranging from 1200 to 1800 sqft. Living and dining spaces completely open out to an expansive deck large enough to work as a multipurpose space. Sky Homes are the penthouses taking top two floors. These luxurious four-bedroom units have double height volumes in the living spaces and the large terrace deck which open to the panoramic views of the city and enhance the feeling of living in the sky.

Placement of towers in L shape helped create large central public plaza within the site. Plaza was thoughtfully placed on north edge be self-shaded from harsh sunlight almost throughout the day. Reception and Amenities placed at lower levels of tower flow in to the plaza and a strategically placed amphitheatre acts as an anchor in the scheme of things.

Terraced Highrise by CnT Architects - Sheet3
Aerial view ©Shamanth Patil Photography, Amit Rastogi

Stepped form of Terrace homes negotiates between the horizontality of central plaza and verticality of towers. When perceived from the community spaces, this scales the building down to human comfort level and gives a feel of living in a villa community.

The project sits at moderate price segment which is extremely cost sensitive market in Indian context and it is a big challenge for designers to get unique concepts accepted and executed. We were extremely lucky to work with developer of this project who encouraged us to go ahead with our concept accepting the risks. However, both our teams worked collaboratively on various aspects specially on cost factor to make project successful for all the stakeholders.


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