Bangalore being an educational hub, the organization “JITO”, Bangalore envisaged a modern approach hostel, for the girl students, in heart of city, with all necessary amenities, security and safety measures to provide comfortable living at affordable price. The hostel was proposed as a linear solid built mass as the hostel is located in densely populated, Central business district of Bangalore. The design team visualised to create a socially active and environmentally sustainable space. The design team planned for timeless, eco-friendly and sustainable architecture with brutalist style.

Project Name: Blend with Nature – Hostel
Studio Name: A.J Architects

Blend with Nature - Hostel by A.J Architects - Sheet9
©A.J Architects

The key factor in the design process was to enhance student interaction, within the indoor spaces that percolates outward and interacts with the landscape around it. The contorting central atrium allows layering of multiple activities and boost intercommunication amongst students. As the inhabitant’s hail from different parts of the country, a friendly and open environment in terms of built form was necessary to promote a healthy social bond amongst everyone. The central atrium also allows natural light to penetrate deeper in the building and act as a solar chimney that takes away the stale and hot air within the building through stack effect, forming wind cycle which keeps the place cooler in the day time and warmer in the night. The vertical artificial garden imitates the sense of being in midst of nature, though surrounded with concrete jungle. The hand painted art work of 17’ x 8’ on the ground level of courtyard adds to galore of space. Over all the contorting shape of courtyard becomes the prima facia conversation starter.

Blend with Nature - Hostel by A.J Architects - Sheet11
©A.J Architects

The Hostel has well ventilated 45 air-conditioned rooms with triple sharing, accommodating 135 girl students. The wellbeing of the inmates is well planned with recreational and socially engaging court, a gymnasium, recreational activity room, well equipped digital library and the dining area in the top floor. The grand entrance lobby accommodates the admin section and meeting rooms for parents and students. Beyond the entrance lobby access is restricted with biometric access control. The entire complex is well secured and monitored round the clock for safety of girl students. Ample parking space is available in basement.

Blend with Nature - Hostel by A.J Architects - Sheet12
©A.J Architects

Sustainable parameters were on top of the design solution, the design team planned for exposed wire cut brick exposed concrete façade. The laying of the bricks is done in rat trap bond to allow air gap in bricks, which insulates the inside thermally and acoustically. This form of bond also reduces the use of material by 33%. A play of light and shadow is formed in the concave elements planned on the parts of the façade. All sustainable parameters like rain water harvesting, solar energy, Water treatment (STP works on ecology and consumes zero power or energy in its lifetime) etc have been incorporated.


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