This diminutive site – just 7.2m wide and 46m long, and previously used to park fifteen cars – has been transformed into three floating houses with raised gardens, while retaining most of the commercial car parking below.

Project Name: Trio On Amos
Studio Name: Refresh Design
Project size: 377 m2
Site size: 330 m2
Completion date: 2019
Building levels: 3
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Photography: Andy MacPherson

©Andy MacPherson

With a footprint of just 330m2, the development of this urban leftover space on Arthur Street exemplifies the possibilities for ‘Missing Middle’ housing in Brisbane. Three new terraces – each with three bedrooms and two bathrooms – offer the qualities of spaciousness, openness and natural light that residents appreciate in the sub-tropics.

©Andy MacPherson

The homes are separated by raised planters and decks, which provide ample outdoor space to the open plan living areas and contribute to privacy. Our interpretation of the Brisbane City Character Code enabled a third storey – built into the attic spaces – while conforming to the shape and proportion of surrounding homes.

©Andy MacPherson

Strategic placement of dormer windows makes these upper floors feel generous, with the added benefit of interesting special arrangements. Together with our award-winning Longfellow Terraces housing, this Missing Middle project demonstrates how clever design can sensitively add new homes to desirable inner-city neighbourhoods.


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