The form is a direct result of the occupants’ needs to have separate bedroom ‘units’ with full en-suite facilities (walk-in wardrobe and bath room), including a planter and balcony for every bed room.

Project Name: Tropical Avant-Garde
Studio Name: Aamer Architects
Interior Design: 7Interior Architecture
Project Size: 897 m2
Site Size: 620 m2
Project Budget: $3500000
Completion Date: 2018
Building Levels: 4
Location: Singapore
Photography: Amir Sultan

Complete Architecture Package for Design Studios
©Amir Sultan

The direction of the ‘units’, which seem to pop-out of the main house relates to the views while the form of each ‘pop-out’ with different overhangs relates to the sun direction providing ample shade to every room, further accentuating the unique form which seems to have ‘organically’ grown and sprouted in different directions in direct response to the climate and context.

©Amir Sultan

Undeterred by style, convention or ease of construction, this tropical house is really an Artist’s response to the brief and site, in a truly avant-garde manner.

©Amir Sultan

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