Among the trees on the hill, the house by Estudio Atemporal emerges as the result of a process of analysis and revaluation of the vernacular construction and techniques of the region. The project is solved from the use of stone walls, lime finishes and wood typical of the region; articulating everything with a clear vision of how to inhabit each space.

Project Name: Mermejita House
Architect Name: Estudio Atemporal
Year: 2019
Area: 355 m2
Location: Playa Mermejita, Mazunte, Oaxaca, México

MERMEJITA HOUSE by Estudio Atemporal - Sheet4

The volumes and environments of the house achieve a beautiful and clean spatial quality that, in turn, becomes rich in sensory experiences, creating a strong sense of belonging to its environment.

Trying to be self-sustaining as much as possible, the house captures and treats the water it consumes, produces its own electricity and re-densifies the surrounding vegetation.

MERMEJITA HOUSE by Estudio Atemporal - Sheet6 

The architectural program is distributed in two volumes which adapt to the topography generating different levels. Each level of the house is assigned to a different function while connecting the spaces with a smooth transition.

Upon arrival, discreet access leads to the interior where the room and dining room open all its views towards the vegetation and the sea, taking advantage of natural ventilation becoming an almost completely open space, which fades the limit with the outside, allowing the environment to become part of the house. On the lower level, the visitor’s room looks upon the serene ocean while the pool, and a sundeck also explore different views closer to the terrain.

MERMEJITA HOUSE by Estudio Atemporal - Sheet9On the other side of this space is the second volume of the house, which rotates its axis to find other views and give greater privacy to the rooms that are in it. Here, the main room and a studio or secondary room on the ground floor become more introverted spaces.


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