As part of the urban renewal of the « Auvry Barbusse » district, in the city of Aubervilliers, the construction company Bouygues Immobilier launched in January 2011, an Architecture competition for the project management of 39 multi-family housings, 3 craftshops, and a carpark.

Type : 39 apartments
Program : 39 multi-family housings, 3 artisanal Workshops, and a carpark.
Client : Bouygues Immobilier
architect : tectône
Surface : 2912 m²
Place : Aubervilliers, suburb of Paris
Budget : 5,700,000
Building finished : January 2015
Contractor : Charpente Houot
Photographer : Christophe de Montfaucon

Housing in Auvry Barbusse by Tectône - Sheet3
© Christophe de Montfaucon

The architects were given the constraint of using wood for the building structure and to team up with the appropriate contractor in order to work from the early design with their know-how and construction processes.

The Site

The Auvry Barbusse district covers 1.5 hectares.

The project site is located at 25/31 Rue Auvry. It was occupied by former industrial premises. The shape of the site provides a long facade linear on street side, suitable for commercial premises, and a direct access to the Square Jean Ferrat on the other side, offering views on the gardens.

Housing in Auvry Barbusse by Tectône - Sheet5
© Christophe de Montfaucon

The Architecture firm Tectone associated with the Houot Company for wood framing wins the competition in May 2011.

The project is respectfull of the master plan of the urban planners (TOA architects – Olivier Meheux).

The design takes inspiration from suburban houses and « faubours » walkways. Thus, there are three buildings and two walkways allowing crossings from street to gardens and offering a great convivality.

Housing in Auvry Barbusse by Tectône - Sheet6
© Christophe de Montfaucon

The ground floor

One enters the building from the Rue Auvry at the north. Two walkways allows to access the entrance halls of the 3 buildings.

The access to the housings is gradually offering privacy: when entering from the street, one finds an entrance gate opening on a courtyard and leading to the local craftshops.

Then one goes through a planted walkway, untill a second gate finally opens on a private garden leading to the entrance halls.

Housing in Auvry Barbusse by Tectône - Sheet8
© Christophe de Montfaucon

The Housings

The operation has 4 floors and 39 flats, including : 3 studios, 9 one-bedroom flats, 17 two-bedrooms flats, 7 three-bedrooms flats, and 3 four-bedrooms flats. Each flat offers a double or triple orientation, and has at least one balcony or terrace.

The outviews guarantee privacy to everyone and from the balconies one gets south orientated views on the public garden.

There are 3 to 4 flats at each level, and the last floor is dedicated to large two-storey flats.

The Structure

The building structure is mixed: both concrete and wood. The entire infrastructure, the ground floor and the stairs and lifts cores are made out of concrete.

The ground floor has an exterior finish of a very neat white concrete, including efficiant thermal insulation

Housing in Auvry Barbusse by Tectône - Sheet9
© Christophe de Montfaucon

The construction of the two-storey flats at top floors is entirely made of wood (columns, beams, joists, floors, …).

The Architectural Design

Wood frames of the facade are pre-made in factory.

Then they are cladded with a no-treatment pine, giving therefore natural finish that will evolve over time.

The double skin has a protective role : shading from the southern light and maintaining a comfortable temperature during  summer; as well as ensuring privacy from the outside.

The wooden shutters slide into the gap of the double skin, in order to protect the shutters from bad weather.

Housing in Auvry Barbusse by Tectône - Sheet11
© Christophe de Montfaucon


The Environmental commitment

The project meets all environmental requirements and specifications of Green Labels.

For instance : rainwater is collected in a recovery tank, located underneath the carpark ramp at basement floor, allowing water supply for sanitary and gardens.

The project takes also advantage of the multiple orientations to provide maximum of natural light.

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