KVIRAAJ aims to elevate the concept of luxury living by creating homes that are immersive experiences rather than mere structures. Specializing in premium private residences and commercial spaces, the firm is known for its commitment to quality and simplicity in luxury. With over 150 successful projects completed in more than 22 years, KVIRAAJ has solidified its reputation in the Indian real estate market and is now expanding into Dubai.

Project Name: The Palladio
Studio Name: Kviraaj
Location: Vasant Kunj, Delhi
Typology and Square Footage: Farmhouse, 12,000 sq ft
Construction: Kviraaj
Photography: Atul Pratap

10518-The Palladio by KVIRAAJ-Sheet2
©Atul Pratap

Amid the bustling cityscape of New Delhi, The Palladio stands as a 12,000 sq ft farmhouse that blends rich architectural heritage with modern design elements. This project features four opulent bedrooms, grand lounge areas, and a rooftop gym.

The Palladio is an architectural masterpiece, combining the grandeur of neoclassical design with contemporary flair. Three impressive Ionic columns dominate the structure, creating a dynamic visual impact. The striking facade of this palatial residence redefines timeless luxury.

10518-The Palladio by KVIRAAJ-Sheet5
©Atul Pratap

Adjacent to the carefully landscaped grounds is a stunning swimming pool that serves both as a recreational feature and a design element, enhancing the property’s overall appeal. The lush greenery surrounding the pool provides a peaceful and picturesque setting for relaxation.

Upon entering, visitors are enveloped by a sense of magnificence and grandeur. The designers intended to create a spacious farmhouse adhering to vastu principles, ensuring maximum north-facing light for open and airy spaces. The flooring, characterized by classic and elegant chequered patterns, acts as a canvas for the design. A custom-made 8-foot chandelier illuminates the double-height living area, complemented by gold wall trims that add a touch of luxury.

10518-The Palladio by KVIRAAJ-Sheet6
©Atul Pratap

Interior designer Leena Monga’s vision harmonizes the rich materiality of the exterior with intricate interior ornamentation, creating numerous points of interest. Large windows connect the indoor and outdoor spaces, providing a serene environment for residents. The custom-designed railings of the central staircase are inspired by art-deco motifs, adding to the project’s opulence.

10518-The Palladio by KVIRAAJ-Sheet8
©Atul Pratap

The master bedroom features French design elements with soft curves, ornate details, and intricate mouldings, predominantly in grey with silver accents for a sophisticated, minimal look. The son’s bedroom is vibrant with blue and yellow highlights against a grey backdrop, featuring personalized decor. The daughter’s room is colorful yet delicate, with a four-poster bed, play area, and soft furniture bathed in natural light. The guest room, in beige and taupe tones, includes rusty lounge chairs that create a balanced and harmonious atmosphere. Wall mouldings throughout the house continue into this room as well.

10518-The Palladio by KVIRAAJ-Sheet9
©Atul Pratap

The Palladio’s defining characteristic is its blend of neoclassical and contemporary design elements. Iconic columns and symmetrical forms coexist with large windows and innovative materials, resulting in a retreat that exudes timeless charm and grand living with rich ornamental details.


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