House where every window welcomes a picturesque view with the perfect amount of light and air. The openings are designed not only to welcome enough light and air, but also to become a part of their daily activity while allowing for a beautiful view, every changing season.

Project Name: Siddamsetty House
Studio Name: Kunthulabdhi Studios
Area: 1962 sq.ft
Year of Completion: 2019
Location: Karkhana, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Client: Mr. Srinivas Siddamsetty and Mrs.Rekha Siddamsetty
Civil and Structural Team:  Ketan Sanghvi (Diviniti- The Infinite Design Group)
Electrical and Plumbing Team: Mr.Srinivas
Carpentary: Gangaram and team
Windows: Fenesta
Photographer: Ruthwij

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The facade elements and materials also reflects the owner’s love for tradition along with the open-mindedness towards modern aesthetics.

The Ground Floor was designed as a versatile space, catering to both their daughter’s yoga sessions and memorable family gatherings.

The First and Second floors were intended as private sanctuaries for the family, while the Terrace Floor was envisioned as a setting for entertainment and guests.

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The house was meticulously planned to embrace the essence of three generations, each with their individual identities and roles. The concept of the house embodies personalization and craftsmanship, tailored exclusively for its inhabitants. This ideology aims to seamlessly blend the cherished ambiance of the old house with the innovation of new construction, achieved through the use of materials such as terracotta and natural stone, as well as the restoration of cherished, aged furniture.

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The idea emphasizes the importance of creating a home that truly reflects your unique lifestyle. It explores the concept of designing for dynamic living and how paying attention to even the smallest details can greatly enhance the overall experience within the space.

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The thought was to WHY blend in when there is innovation. Let the designs stand out that set trends, from every piece to the ambience, uniquely belonging to the space and unmatched in the market.


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