The Tiny Bloom House is an architectural gem that epitomizes modern urban living while seamlessly incorporating natural elements to create a tranquil retreat amidst a densely packed neighborhood. This meticulously designed compact home maximizes space, light, and comfort, offering an ideal living environment for those who value aesthetic design and functional efficiency.

Project Name: Tiny Bloom
Studio Name:
Location: Anand, Gujarat
Client : Mr. Kalpesh Pathek
Built Up Area : 2500 sq.ft
Principal Architects :  Ar. Yash Patel & Ar. Rachita Patel
Design Team : Megha Shah, Dipali Khamar & Yash Patel
Team size: 8
Concrete : Ultra Tech
Sanitary ware & Fittings : Jaquar
Flooring : Simpolo
Air Conditioning : Mitsubishi heavy industry
Lighting : Jaquar
Hardware : Ebbco & Ozone
Paint : Asian paint
Windows : Upvc windows by Fenesta
Arts/artifacts : Ergodnovate , Megha Shah & various
Plywood & Veneers : Nippon Marketing
Structural Engineer : Girish Patel
Electrical Consultant : Kalrav Patel
Civil contractor: Sunil Prajapati
Landscape : Ergodnovate & Green leaf
Plumbing Consultant : Sunil Prajapati
Carpentry : Comfy Furniture Center
Hardware : Contractor & Sons and Nippon Marketing
Drapes : Deepje house
Furniture : Custom design by ergodnovate & Comfy Furniture Center
Photography : Kush Patel, Infinity innovation

Tiny Bloom by ergodnovate-Sheet1
©Kush Patel, Infinity innovation

The exterior of the Tiny Bloom House features exposed brickwork, providing a rustic and timeless charm that harmonizes with the urban fabric. The brickwork is meticulously treated with a sealant to ensure durability and weather resistance, ensuring the house’s longevity and resilience. The rooftop terrace is transformed into a lush garden, serving as a private green space perfect for relaxation and small-scale urban gardening. This terrace garden is a serene spot for morning coffee, yoga sessions, or evening gatherings under the stars, offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. A metal space frame structure on the terrace provides both shade and aesthetic appeal, creating dramatic shadows on the floor and supporting climbing plants that enhance the green cover and naturally cool the space.

Tiny Bloom by ergodnovate-Sheet2
©Kush Patel, Infinity innovation

Internally, the house is designed to be bright and airy, with a central skylight that floods the interior with natural light. This skylight reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day and creates a direct visual connection to the sky, enhancing the sense of openness. A sleek metal staircase, positioned centrally, serves as both a functional and artistic focal point. This staircase leads up to the terrace garden and down to the living spaces, integrating the house vertically and adding to its spatial efficiency. The interior walls are adorned with customized artwork that reflects the personal taste and style of the inhabitants, adding character and a unique touch to the living spaces.

Tiny Bloom by ergodnovate-Sheet4
©Kush Patel, Infinity innovation

The interior design employs an earthen color palette for furniture, featuring shades of terracotta, beige, and brown, creating a warm, grounding environment that complements the exposed brickwork and natural elements. To balance these earthy tones, soft furnishings such as cushions, rugs, and curtains are in bright, vibrant colors, adding liveliness and contrast to the interior and making the space inviting and cheerful.

Tiny Bloom by ergodnovate-Sheet5
©Kush Patel, Infinity innovation

The layout of the Tiny bloom House is thoughtfully designed to maximize functionality and comfort. The ground floor features an open-plan living area with a compact kitchen, dining space, and a cozy living room, all illuminated by large windows that ensure ample natural light and provide views of the surrounding neighborhood. The upper floor houses the bedroom and a small study nook, both benefiting from the natural light well created by the skylight. The bedroom opens up to the terrace garden, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living, while the study nook offers a quiet workspace with built-in shelving and a desk.

Tiny Bloom by ergodnovate-Sheet7
©Kush Patel, Infinity innovation

Additional features of the house include clever storage solutions integrated throughout, such as under-stair storage, built-in wardrobes, and multi-functional furniture that maximize the use of space. The house is also equipped with smart home technology, including automated lighting, climate control. Energy-efficient features, such as LED lighting, high-efficiency appliances, and solar panels mounted on the roof, enhance the house’s sustainability.

Tiny Bloom by ergodnovate-Sheet9
©Kush Patel, Infinity innovation

The Tiny Bloom House is a sophisticated blend of modern design and natural elements, creating a peaceful sanctuary in the heart of the city. Its thoughtful use of space, light, and color ensures a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living environment. This tiny house offers a distinctive living experience that caters to the needs of urban dwellers while promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness, making it a model for contemporary urban living.


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