“In a typical urban environment of Bangalore, a multi-dwelling residence featuring a penthouse, designed by iha, seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics. The interiors exhibit a harmonious fusion of contemporary and traditional design elements, resulting in a unique and diverse ambiance with warm, earthy tones.

Project name: House of Pendants
Architecture firm: iha Architecture
Project Location: Uttarahalli, Bengaluru
Firm website: ihaarchitecture.editorx.io/studio
Construction year: 2022
Lead Architect: Ar Harsha K N
Design team: Ar Harsha K N, Ar Kiran Shankar, Ar Juhita Varshini Venkatesh
Photography: Sanjith Seetharam
Photographer website: sanjithseetharam.com
Civil and Structural engineer: GA Structural Consultant

House of Pendants by iha Architecture - Sheet3
©Sanjith Seetharam

The plot, which has an unconventional shape, is characterized by distinct landscape pockets that incorporate skylights to bring natural light into the interiors while ensuring privacy with solid exterior walls on either side. The south facade is strategically designed with angled vertical louvers, serving as an aesthetic feature and enabling an unobstructed view of the outdoor hill from the living area and master bedroom. These angled vertical louvers also act as sun breakers. The landscape behind the louvers enhances the visual appeal from both inside and outside, functioning as shading elements for the interiors and improving indoor air quality.

House of Pendants by iha Architecture - Sheet5
©Sanjith Seetharam

A triangular double-height landscaped courtyard near the foyer adds to the volumetric drama and communication within the penthouse. The skylight draws natural light for the double-height dining room during the day, while custom-designed pendants illuminate the space during evenings. These pendants are specially crafted for this penthouse, showcasing artistic illumination in the dining room and foyer. Each pendant is uniquely designed by the architect and crafted by local artisans to support and showcase local craftsmanship. Various pendants are hung at different heights in the foyer and dining area to achieve the desired level of

brightness. This pendant design language subtly resonates throughout the entire penthouse, creating authenticity and harmony.

House of Pendants by iha Architecture - Sheet7
©Sanjith Seetharam

Functionally and aesthetically, a double-height wooden partition separates the living area from the dining space, accommodating a TV swivel, TV cabinet, bedroom door, and closet. The kitchen design offers versatility, allowing users to engage with children and individuals.

The use of Jaisalmer stone, locally sourced wood, and other authentic materials gives the spatial character a sense of authenticity.”


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