Temple Town, a trailblazer in innovative interior design is thrilled to introduce its latest design aesthetic – The Art of Space Optimization through Small Mirrors. An inspiring collection that explores the transformative power of small mirrors in enhancing living spaces with style and sophistication, it represents Temple Town’s commitment to redefining interior design concepts and showcases the potential of small mirrors as a fundamental element in optimizing spatial aesthetics.

Project Name: Reflections of Style The Art of Space Optimization through Small Mirrors
Studio Name: Temple Town

Reflections of Style The Art of Space Optimization through Small Mirrors by Temple Town - Sheet2
©Temple Town

The collection is a masterful curation of small mirrors, each serving as a versatile design accent that seamlessly combines functionality and artistry. From meticulously designed frames to the interplay of light and reflection, these small mirrors demonstrate their remarkable ability to expand visual depth and infuse an illusion of space, even within the confines of compact settings.

Reflections of Style The Art of Space Optimization through Small Mirrors by Temple Town - Sheet3
©Temple Town

The collection showcases various vignettes; each thoughtfully arranged to illustrate the transformative impact of small mirrors in different living spaces. Whether it’s a cozy studio apartment, an intimate dining nook, or a stylish home office, “Reflections of Style” expertly showcases how the strategic placement of small mirrors can amplify natural light, impart an airy ambiance, and elevate the overall aesthetic of any room, regardless of size.

About Temple Town:

Temple Town features a range of beautifully Indian handmade furniture for the connoisseur of refined luxury. Based out of Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, Temple Town offers a wide range of bespoke services, from one-off furniture to complete designing and execution for an entire home or apartment, from Elegant cushions, antique replicas, handsome home wares, light fixtures, and an ever-growing range of art. Temple Town offers a complete lifestyle from a modern Indian perspective. Made out of responsibly sourced and recycled Indian teak, you can customize from one single piece of furniture right up to an entire home or apartment.


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