Located in Gurgaon, this 3500 sq. ft apartment at Raheja Atlantis is envisioned as a luxury home that fuses a contemporary aura and hints of traditional Indian design elements. The couple had distinct interests, with the husband leaning towards modern aesthetics and the wife deeply rooted in Indian traditions. With 20 years of expertise, the team at DesignEx, Mannat Dua & Ashutosh Jajoria, led by Ar. Smriti Sawhney Raheja, skillfully embraced the challenging task of balancing these preferences, showcasing her seasoned knowledge. This led to a harmonious fusion where modern and Indian elements coexist, creating a unique and meaningful design for their home.

Name of the project:  Residence at Raheja Atlantis
Design Team: Mannat Dua and Ashutosh Jajoria
Location: Gurgaon
Area (Sq.ft):  3500 sqft
Completion date: April 23, 2022
Initiation date:   October 22, 2022
Budget: Confidential
Photo courtesy: Tarang

Atlantis by designEX - Sheet3

The resulting design language is simple and earthy, reflecting the personalities of the homeowners while adding character through motifs, patterns, and accessories to amalgamate the clients’ aesthetic preferences. Neutral shades interspersed with colours of nature (blues and greens) infuse a sense of calm and allude to mid-century modern elements throughout the interiors. The wooden furnishings add an indigenous touch to the interior environment.

The concept of fusing modern and Indian design styles is evident right from the entry, as one is invited with metal lotus motifs imbued with diffused lighting, a modern interpretation of traditional design. Further, the entry door design also borrows from the Medival arches, again reflecting the unique theme of the home. The foyer is furnished with an eye-catching wooden console, against a geometric patterned backdrop that almost masquerades as art. And yet, the presence of sculptural mirrors adds a modish twist to the setting. As one moves forth, the foyer becomes a tantalising prelude to what lies beyond.

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Meandering through the home, the living room comes alive with pops of blues and greens, against the subdued neutral tones, resulting in a contrasting play of colours. The Indian decor that finds its place at every corner of the living area, adds a sense of visual interest. The fluted glass partitions encircled by metallic trims separate the living area from the dining, which is marked by an interplay of traditional material palette such as a marble-top wooden table and rattan chairs. The dining area flows to the lounge physically partitioned with a breakfast counter. The transition of flooring from marble to wood, also aids in visually demarcating these areas. However, the kitchen on the other side of the dining, is disconnected through a fluted partition, tucked in a compact area.

As we venture further, the bedrooms present distinct aesthetics from one another, reflecting the unique personalities of each homeowner. The primary bedroom has a regal air with an earthy rusticity reflected through a teakwood bed and handcrafted furniture in a combination of wood, cane, and wicker, with a subtle English green hue. The daughter’s bedroom is dressed in pastel pink, exuding modernity, while also expressing her personality.

The concrete-finish walls, fluted patterns, and textured fabrics take centre stage across the home and contribute to the earthiness of the design while instilling modernity. The exquisite lighting fixtures from Sunglow Green Solutions and the decorative fixtures from White Teak also add to the luxurious ambience. Pristine whites and soft browns create an inviting ambience in the bedrooms. Even in the bath spaces, the motif tiles become the focal point that injects a sense of character and Indian ethos. Most of the nooks and corners in every interior space are thoughtfully planned as work/study areas circumscribed by expansive windows that bring in natural light, ventilation, and offer verdant views.

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The amalgamation of colours, motifs, and materials is not just a sensory delight but a poignant narrative that mirrors the personalities of the homeowners. The design serves as a reminder that a home can transcend being a mere structure; and become a breathing representation of personal stories, as seen throughout this exquisite apartment. With over 20 years of expertise, Ar. Smriti Sawhney Raheja’s touch is evident in every detail, elevating this space as a testament to her enduring commitment to exceptional design.


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