The renovation of a cramped DDA house in Patparganj, Delhi involved a harmonious fusion of old and new elements, creating a distinctive character that honors the past while embracing the present.

Name of project – Dwell 30
Project type – Residential
Location – Patparganj, New Delhi
Area – 950 sqft
Year – 2023
Design Firm – J+AM Storey
Principal Architects – Jaanshi & Amit Bhatia
Photographer – Bharat Aggarwal
Website –
Instagram handle – jamstorey

Dwell 30 by J+AM Storey - Sheet3
©Bharat Aggarwal

The modest 950 sqft area required a complete overhaul to transform it into a comfortable 3 BHK home. The client’s goal was to renovate the small space, maintaining its original charm while incorporating contemporary elements for a revitalized living experience.

Dwell 30 by J+AM Storey - Sheet5
©Bharat Aggarwal

The design process included reconfiguring the floor plan, removing and relocating walls to create an open-plan layout, and maximizing natural light. The original terrazzo chip flooring was combined with modern interiors for a quick cost-effective solution, and also demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and repurposing.

Dwell 30 by J+AM Storey - Sheet8
©Bharat Aggarwal

Clever storage solutions and versatile furniture were integrated to make the most of the available space. A minimalist approach was adopted to infuse a fresh, contemporary ambiance, while carefully selected artworks and decorative accents were curated to complement the house’s existing character. The end result is a seamless integration of timeless allure and modern simplicity, breathing new life into the house while preserving its cherished history.



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